Handle inbound / incoming calls in HubSpot


We currently have to use a service like Aircall to handle the inbound calls, which is not ideal. When you do the outbound calling from Hubspot it would make sense to also be able to handle the inbound calls and get them properly tracked, recorded, etc.

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Must have facility to record Inbound calls. Atm all inbound calls are answered on my mobile and there is no record of it in my CRM. Only recently the feature has been made available to see which contact is calling but to not have a record in the CRM is leaving a big gap especially for us salespeople who are out of the office majority of the time. I am finding the app also to be quite limiting without the email signature flowing through. 


Following for this feature as well.


Please create this feature soon!


Hi, I am new to Hubspot and I am REALLY suprised that in 2019 a major CRM does not have an incoming call API. The whole point of a CRM is to log all user events and pop up the contact on calls, etc. Without it I need to manually search for a contact when he calls. Can you please add this very soon?

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+1 from me


Having a dropdown and selecting outbound or inbound would be a handy feature at minimum.


This needs to be on the mobile app as well. Communication through a salesperson's mobile # is a hallmark of a good relationship. (E.g. Estimator Joe at Build Co. calls sales rep Frank at Supply Co. directly on his mobile to ask him what products they sell that meet the spec for a bid). This should work for text as well. 


The mobile app should include a phone a text app. 



Has there been any progress on this?  Most of the other CRMs are providing this feature and would be very ideal for customers who use phone numbers that are only available through sources like Twilio. We would love to have the feature to receive the calls in HS which eventually ties to the contact if it exists.


Please ensure that the outbound number can be spoofed to match an existing number.

This way the call display number doesn't confuse clients. 


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it seems crazy that this isn't available, and even if it isn't, not having the option to distinguish between Inbound and Outbound is a pain. This is wider issue though in terms of how activities are structured. "Calls" should be different from "Meetings" and "Inbound calls" should be different from "outbound calls"


+1 on this one.




+1 This is a must. Other CRMs have it. I can't believe you guys still haven't. I love Hubspot, but this really is something that complicates customer interactions and misses relevant information that should be on the customer's timeline.


There should also be the possibility that for certain users conversations are always recorded, such as for customer service people.


I take from the recent messages that no such thing has been developed yet, which is a shame indeed. It would be very much appreciated to save time and manage inbound call 100x more efficiently. 


Here, we used Ring Central (it is powered by Zoom) for several years. They have developed quite an interesting plug in that allows to automatically prompt the Hubspot contact record, with the "Call log" window open, for every call (both inbound and outbound).


We've recently migrated to Zoom. What's funny about it, Zoom is integration made by Hubspot, but it doesn't have the features we had with Ring Central. I'm not complaining, Zoom has other features, but I'm kind of missing Ring central though.


I'm looking forward to having this feature.

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

We agree this is a big gap! We're in the early phases of developing a plan to bring Inbound calling support to HubSpot. We will update this issue with more infromation as we validate our approach to realizing this feature. 


+1 to this as well. Please involve me and my team in any Beta releases. 


Following, we need this as well, log incoming is more important to us than loggin outgoing.


We need this feature too! Following. +1


To be honest for our company HubSpot doesn't make much sense for Customer Support without this Feature sadly. I hope you have this really soon. Unfortunately we will probably have to go with Salesforce.


First of there should be a separation of Inbound and Outbound Calls in the tool. 

Then there should be a option in the settings to set up different inbound call numbers (service / support call numbers). Also there should be an option to set if somebody has access to the inbound calling feature while using HubSpot. If one of our customer service agents has access to it, everytime somebody calls one of the service numbers that we set up in the settings a popup should appear. It would look like the following:


If a contact calls from a phone number which is known from the contact database a small Popup should appear with "Lisa Mey is calling". The popup should display the latest open support tickets (if there are any). There should be options to accept / decline / forward the incoming call. If you press forward you can choose from the list of people who have access to the inbound calling feature. Also there should be an option to directly open a service ticket.


If a contact calls from an unknown phone number a popup should appear with Somebody is calling your "German Support Number" (the name was set before in the settings while setting up the onbound phone numbers).

Again there should be the 3 options to accept / decline / forward. If then the service agent clicks accept the call HubSpot should automatically open a short "create a new contact" window and also the call duration should be recorded. After the service agents finished to create the new contact the timeline of the contact should display "contact created from inbound call via "German Support Number"" and also it should display the inbound call duration of the first call. 


Also there should be an option to link the incoming call with a existing contact in the "create a new contact" area. This would be the case if a known contact calls from an unknown number


It's a must feature since hubspot bundles sales, marketing, & service hub. Especially for sales & service this feature is non negotiable. 


I can't understand how it is still in planning. We should have been Able to see a working system by now.  We don't want to rely on third party apps for this.