Handle inbound / incoming calls in HubSpot

We currently have to use a service like Aircall to handle the inbound calls, which is not ideal. When you do the outbound calling from Hubspot it would make sense to also be able to handle the inbound calls and get them properly tracked, recorded, etc.

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For hubspot "inbound" is the most important thing. The most important thing is to know everything about the peaople that get in touch with your company. Every content strategy, marketing workflow or email campagin is based on this data. We figured out a 25:1 call to filled forms ratio. So it is WAY more important to receive any possible Call Data than getting Data out of web forms. So please get this inboud Call Data into Hubspot Timeline.

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We definitely need the ability to record incoming calls through browser and mobile/app.


This would be a massive help!



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This should definitely be a feature in HubSpot. Zendesk has it, close.io has it. They integrate with Twilio for both inbound and outbound calls. When you call 500 people and they start calling you back it's much better that this is handled natively inside HubSpot. moreover, when some calls the contact record is automatically opened as close.io has managed to fix nicely. 

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It sounds like neither Zendesk or close.io have this as a native feature either and rely on an integration with Twilio in order to capture inbound and outbound calls or have I misunderstood you? 

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@ThreadsHelp2018 I don't know much about zendesk, but i use Close.io. They use Twilio, but from a user perspective its all ready and feels like part of close.io software. you dont need a separate subscription to kixie or aircall. And when somebody calls, the contact card automatically comes up on the screen. you just make and receive calls within close.io as much as you want. another feature close.io has, which is important if you call many numbers is the ability to drop a pre-recorded voicemail message. If I use HubSpot for calls now, all return calls are to my mobile phone, which i don't like. In close.io we use a company number which is the main number for the whole business. Anyone of my employees can answer incoming calls. it works very well. I hope hubspot will develop calling further so that its also a good system for salespeople.


To summarize:

1. handle outgoing and incoming calls natively in hubspot (fine if hubspot uses twilio for this)

2. ability to have multiple numbers

3. voicemail message drop for speedy calling

4. contact card automatically pop up when someone calls.


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It would be great if incoming calls would automatically open the contact record of the caller in the CRM.

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Small startups are doing native inbound/outbound calling now, with much fewer resources than HubSpot. It's stupid that we even have ask for it. HubSpot  employees, use cisco for inbound/outbound calls. You would think management would put some developers to work on this, to make HubSpot a proper piece of sales software.. missed calls should show up in conversation inbox, in the same way as emails. Same goes for form submissions. Now you have to click 6 times to get to form submissions:) form submissions from customers are no different from emails. They belong in conversation inbox. 

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My team just realized that this would be a great idea. We utilize the outbound calling feature but it would be nice to have the ability to take inbound calls as well.

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

We are planning on building an API to allow integrators to embed their calling functionality, including inbound calling, into HubSpot.


If you'd like to give our team feedback on how inbound calling should work, please fill out this form.

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@mschnitt  glad to hear it!


Although, ideally we would use the included minutes in our Hubspot plans.

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Great idea! I see @mschnitt has moved it to planning and asking for feedback on API integration - However, for those of us using it as a standalone - could the option be added to select inbound or outbound call in the "log a call" button?

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Kixie provides inbound call routing and Hubspot integration coupled with outbound power dialing features and SMS. 

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I would love to see this feature as well. Need the ability to log inbound calls. Would be nice if the app could recognize the call was from a CRM contact & ask to record the call and log the activity.

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I would like to be able to recieve a call back from contacts and prospects without having to utilise a separate phone etc and instead through the HubSpot application / centre. The calling tool is great but when leaving voicemail or asking for a call back it would be nice to have it all under one roof.


Yes, this would be excellent!


What voip systems are people using for this currently? I am using justcall and it is honestly unreliable and negatively impacting our business in a major way. 


Where are you located? We are in the US and tried Justcall, but were not happy with reliabilty - I think its because they are located in India and focused on Asia Pacific?


We switched to Ringcentral for our office staff and Kixie for our sales/CS reps that use HubSpot


Thanks I will look into that. Is there any reason that you're using 2 different services for office staff and sales reps? 


Ringcentral has specific things for the office staff like faxing and video conferencing.


Kixie has specific things for our hubspot users like the hubspot integration, CTI screen pop with hubspot info, and an outbound power dialer. 


Both systems do work well for us as separate platforms

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This seems like a logical component of a program designed for calling. Building an API integration isn't good enough, because it still requires the use of a 3rd party app. I would like to see this built in at the Pro and Enterprise levels.