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Handle emails looping from auto-responses better

Request: It would be nice for users/admins if hubspot handled email looping from auto-responses (from us and recipient) better. This would help save time from the below process and avoid recipients (and us) from getting spammed with emails.


Potential resolutions:

  • Auto-delete the duplicate emails and stop sending an auto-response to that recipient to stop the loop
  • Ignore the duplicate emails (i.e. filter) and stop sending auto-response
  • Have a notification that tells admins that the loop is happening so they can stop it immediatley i.e. a threshold of X emails in X minutes with the same recipient/email body

Use case: we have auto-responses configured to send out when someone sends an email to our connected inbox for tickets. If the recipient also has an auto-response set up, when they send in a ticket, we send the auto-response, and their auto-response sends us an email, which creates a new ticket, and sends an auto-response to them, and tickets continue to be created. This can also happen when we send email blasts to recipients in hubspot and they have an auto-response set up.


The current process to address this which I think can be imrpvoed:

  • Wait until someone notices an email loop
  • Add the recipient to the deny list in hubspot
  • Delete the emails from the inbox
  • Delete the tickets from hubspot
  • Wait some time (so they do not continue) before removing the reciopient from the deny list


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This can be marked as done/resolved. Diana from support helped point me to using a no-reply@ email address on the auto-reply to avoid getting these loops.