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HTML code view/editing in Service Hub Knowledge Base articles

Allow users to edit the HTML code of the article, in order to add custom formatting, tables anchor links, code snippets etc.


Zendesk and Freshdesk have this feature...


PS - There is a code icon in the editing toolbar, but it's for inserting links not code! Guess the icon is wrong.

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I agree. This would help us out a lot. The current text editor of Knowledge Base is really limiting. 

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Salarié HubSpot

The lack of opportunity to integrate iframes prevents us from replacing zendesk.

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It would be great to include a "no index, no follow" search box command. 

We dont want our knowledge base articles indexed by search engines.

Nouveau membre

Yes, even the ability to just drop <pre> tags into the thing would be a start. As it is, I can't see any good way to put multi-line code snippets into an article, and "just make an image showing the text you want displayed for now" (the response my ticket received) is pretty bad.

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It's good to know I'm not the only one finding the Knowledge Base article editor extremely limiting. 

The ability to add HTML and additional formatting would be great. Unfortunately right now only videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram can be added. We use a different video hosting service and unfortunately cannot include our video content.

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This gets my vote too.  We'd like to be able to use highlightjs for code syntax highlighting (as we do on our blog).  At present we're at loggerheads with the Knowledgebase articles. The only way around it is to introduce a poor user experience to our customers by uploading images of code instead of copy/pasteable snippets. 


A basic oversight when HubSpot knowledge relies heavily on code snippets for HubL , json etc 


Please get this added ASAP!



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I'm in on this. Consideirng how much more we pay for ServiceHub over Zendesk, and are missing such basic capabilities such as:

  • Adjusting fonts to match company branding
  • Display more that 2 articles in the main KB landing page per category
  • Prevent search engines from indexing content
  • Allow for a code snippet view

Ideally, if this worked in conjunction with the themes we already use in the Design Tool would be ideal.

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My company has decided to transfer our KB over from Zendesk to HubSpot. I am shocked at how basic and limited the kb editor is without any way of adding style to the KB. I find that most cases I spend more time making an article visually appealing more than adding the contents, simply because if it does not look good people will not read it. It is even more annoying that there is an HTML editor on this forum and not on the KB.

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It's so basic. We need it!