HTML and/or CTA's in Signatures

One of the most effective ways we promote events like our monthly webinar is in the signature of our emails. We use a Wise Stamp to do this. 


In HubSpot we have a CTA called Events. Each month, we update the graphic and landing page link on this CTA. Then the new event shows up across our website/blog.


It would be awesome if we could insert either HTML or CTA's in the signature field of HubSpot. 


HubSpot updates
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I figured out a way to add an HTML email signature in Hubspot. Pretty simple really. I created an HTML email signature in a different application (MAC Mail) and simply copied the info and pasted it into the signature window. Now, I haven't sent an email out yet, so I'm not sure if its going to stick, but so far it looks exactly as I had it in my previous signature.


Hope this helps.

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HubSpot has recently just updated their signature tool, this makes it super easy to add CTA into your email signatures, and also choose a great layout for your email signatures:


I hope this helps.