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after several issues concerning the double opt in process via HubSpot I was told to put this in this idea-forum. We are working for customers like OTTO or FC St. Pauli who consider these issues as highly problematic for their processes.


These are our issues:

A) If the double-opt-in-process is enabled every contact needs to have a DOI-confirmation first (regardless whether we marked the contact as confirmed or the contact did click the opt-in-link) to receive any kind of mailings by the newsletter tool

This is an issue for HS-customers who use the newsletter-tool not just for marketing-mailings that needs approval first. Our customers for example send internal newsletters to their employees or send „newsletters“ to their customers that contains important information. Some of our customers have contracts with their customers that require newsletters (so no DOI-process is needed here). For now we are marking those contacts as confirmed which leads us to issue B.


B) HubSpot is sending the double-opt-in mail only once AND JUST if the contact wasn’t marked as confirmed before


B1) On one hand this means if we marked a contact as confirmed because he is a customer or employee he cannot receive the doi-mail. The problems begins when the same contact decides to receive marketing newsletters too. For this kind of marketing mailings we need to get his clear approval by law. When he is not receiving the doi-mail and cannot click the link by himself we do not get the clear approval.


B2) On the other hand we have contacts that requested a doi-mail once, do not the link, forget about it and request it later again. In this case the contacts do not get another doi-mail and cannot receive any of our mailings. this clearly leads to losing potential customers.



A Solution for issue A and B would be:

  1. to decouple the double-opt-in-process from sending mails at all. There should be differentiation between marketing mails that need approval and mailings that does not need approval. Both kinds of mailings need to be send from the newsletter-tool so they can get automized in workflows etc. An additional subscription-type like „no need for approval“-mail would mark which mailings do not require the doi-confirmation first. So we would not have to mark customers as confirmed.
  2. to allow multiple sending of the doi-mail. So contacts can receive the mail and can confirm the link even if their first request is months old.


C) HubSpot is only having ONE single real DOI-Mail (even with a Marketing Enterprise-License AND a brand Domain we must use the same DOI-Mail)

This is a huge issue for companies with:

  • different types of brands and therefore CIs
  • different subsidiary companies that have other CIs, Adresses, Imprints
  • and languages


D) The preferences page shows every single active subscription type to the visitor regardless whether he is using them or not

This is an issue for companies that have internal subscriptions or different subscriptions for b2b and b2c. In the last case b2c should not see the b2b or international subscriptions-types


A Solution for D would be that the visitor of the preferences page just sees the subscription-types he registered for.


Please give me feedback to this issues. We do not perceive them as ideas, we actually see those issues as bugs. We as a HubSpot-partner and our customers consider this functions as basic.


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If someone wants to update their email-preferences EVERY SINGLE subscription-type is checked. So if the user don´t understand, that he has to uncheck those subscription-types he does not want to receive, he gets them all after updating it. That is highly confusing and not user-friendly and wasn´t like this before!