HAPI Key Security

As it stands the HubSpot API will accept the HAPI Key for all requests.


As a corollary this means that anyone who has the HAPI Key can do anything with the account. Such as:


  • Export all contact information
  • Send any email campaign
  • Manage users
  • Export and manage deals
  • Etc.

There is no way to limit the power of the HAPI Key in HubSpot which is really a weak point. If the key is ever compromised, the portal is at extreme risk which can do irreparable damage to a company/brand.


What is needed is a more comprehensive security setup for HAPI keys. Yes, we can phase them out and move to OAuth, but seriously, the HAPI Key is used in so many integrations by now that it would be literally impossible to "phase out" at this point.


So, for the long run I am proposing:


  • Create a way to maintain multiple keys and suspend/revoke their access
  • Make it possible to limit them by IP
  • Add an optional hashing mechanism for [sensitive] calls
  • Add a way to fine tune any key's access to different APIs.

As an example, look at SparkPost's API key management:




I would also like to add that the key itself looks like a UUID v4 — not guaranteed to be cryptographically secure.


I think you would be better off using other recommended hashing methods to generate guaranteed unique and unguessable keys at least 128bits long. Just my own two cents.

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Great idea, I agree the happykey is a weak spot from a security point of view. 


Another use case is where on a global account individual users may need to be restricted to accessing data via the happykey  to assets based on HS teams/brands. 



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Yes, this is definitely a necessary feature, please implement this.

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As a supporting argument for better API security, and to deter unsuspecting HubSpot users from compromising the security of their accounts, I'd like to point something out.

I was on a site called emaillistverify.com. The site offers email verification services which isn't a bad thing. However, they offer a HubSpot "integration" which asks for your hapikey in order to connect. HubSpot offers a standard OAuth authentication structure for legitimate apps. You should NEVER give out your hapikey to any other company or individual on the internet. With this key anyone can do almost anything to your account with reckless abandon.


To the HubSpot engineers, please help us secure our HubSpot accounts! There needs to be granular access controls and multiple key management.

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+ 1 definitely needed - It is imo one of the most important things for a big company and a more structured HS account like the one we have.