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H.S. won't export contacts with Marketing Email Opted-in to Zapier/Piesync. Not compliant with GDPR.

Currently Hubspot does not have the ability to sync my opt in: marketing information subscriptions with Mailchimp through Zapier, Piesync (owned by hubspot), or the Mailchimp integration.  All it needs to do is add a field for 'opt in: marketing information subscriptions' into Zapier and Piesync to fix the problem.  This is a huge violation of GDPR/CCPA law if I were to use hubspot and mailchimp and sync between the two.  


I've been told by HS support staff that setting 'opt out: marketing information' as 'no' should get me the results, and it doesn't.   I was told by another to do "no" and "known" and that doesn't do it either.  Have I cracked a big hole in Hubspot's solution?  Maybe so.  I am subscribed to the sales hub pro platform which is awesome but for what I am paying, I need this feature ASAP.


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Hi @dabroncos ,


Thank you for raising this concern. I understand this is a pretty important feature. However, I want to let you know that PieSync does support opt-in status between HubSpot and Mailchimp. 


To be complete, PieSync also support double opt-in with Mailchimp. See below how to sync opt in: marketing information subscriptions with Mailchimp via PieSync. 


Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 13.52.27.png


Let me know is what you were looking for.


Thank you, 

Aron from PieSync




I have hundreds of people opted in to marketing subscription and I tested this exact feature in hubspot workflows and it filtered 0 contacts so I know that your filter here also cannot work because it is pulling the same opted out: marketing subscription hubspot property when set as off.  What I need is the opted in: marketing subscription property to be available so it works properly per my initial comment.  Hubspot does not provide access for this even though I am subscribed to Sales Hub Pro.  This is a massive problem, legally for every customer that uses mailchimp or another outside mail provider for their emailing needs.


When you guys have this fixed and working, let me know.


Still this goes unanswered after working with Aron through phone calls, emails, etc.  He was helpful and a nice guy.  However, Hubspot still does not have a solution for the above.  Anyone using these services are not following proper privacy laws - GDPR, etc.  


To recap, the 2 biggest problems are listed as follows:

  1. The biggest problem is pushing only the contacts that have opted into marketing subscription over to mailchimp.  This functionality does not exist. 
  2. The second biggest problem is the inability to update the opt out marketing subscription field from unsubscribes in mailchimp is the 2nd. 

These both need to be fixed in Piesync and Zapier by Hubspot immediately.  Both still unsolved from Aron and about 5 other support reps at Hubspot.


#1 still not fixed after an attempt by Aron.  However, Aron was able to help get #2 resolved through Piesync as seen below. This still needs to get fixed through Zapier I believe.  He is helpful.  Hoping hubspot engineers can jump in to help him fix #1.

Settings to unsubscribe from mailchimp then unsubscribe from hubspot according to one of the below optionsSettings to unsubscribe from mailchimp then unsubscribe from hubspot according to one of the below options


Looks like Hubspot added marketing opt-ins fields to lists for Sales Pro accounts finally.  Way to go!