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Grouping of Property Values in Custom Reports

When creating custom reports it would be great to have the ability to create custom groups within the report to aggregate/group property level data.  For example, to be able to create an industry report where you're able to group the 150+ industries into say 10 key industries.  Right now a report showing 150+ industries isn't very helpful.  I realize you can create a new property and use a workflow to assign that property but there are hundreds of variations to reporting based on aggregated data.  Another simple use case would be to show deal count within various $$$ values, if you want to see how many deals represent $0 - $10k; $11k - $50k; $51k - $100k; $100k+.  With the ability to easily customize the groupings as needed.

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good idea, i need it too


Being a Salesforce admin, and a new admin to HubSpot, I am surprised to not see the ability to group properties in table reports.  This is a very common requirement.  To have to export a report to get the desired results seems like a step backwards.  Is this anything on the table for future releases?  My work around is quite cumbersome and something I have to do everytime someone requests the report.  No bueno.


Totally agree .. we want to use a group of 'Deal Countries' across many reports (EMEA, APAC etc..) + a group of Industries etc..  Without creating a 'pseudo' custom property and then mapping each country to that custom property, there doesn't seem to be a practical solution.   All very cumbersome and a pain in the £$% when it comes to creating multiple and diverse reports ....  


I agree with this. I am trying to group Lead Status properties together to show all 'Qualified' (10+ Values) and Unqualified (1 Value) by our system. 


We have a custom property (Deal Acquisition channel) with many values and it would be great to be able to group them.


Dear All,

does somebody know if there is already a solution for the named problem? I would also need such grouping functions just for reporting without maintaining these properties.

Thank you for your kind reply and help.


I seventh this idea, we could really use this function!