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Grouping of Property Values in Custom Reports

When creating custom reports it would be great to have the ability to create custom groups within the report to aggregate/group property level data.  For example, to be able to create an industry report where you're able to group the 150+ industries into say 10 key industries.  Right now a report showing 150+ industries isn't very helpful.  I realize you can create a new property and use a workflow to assign that property but there are hundreds of variations to reporting based on aggregated data.  Another simple use case would be to show deal count within various $$$ values, if you want to see how many deals represent $0 - $10k; $11k - $50k; $51k - $100k; $100k+.  With the ability to easily customize the groupings as needed.

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good idea, i need it too


Being a Salesforce admin, and a new admin to HubSpot, I am surprised to not see the ability to group properties in table reports.  This is a very common requirement.  To have to export a report to get the desired results seems like a step backwards.  Is this anything on the table for future releases?  My work around is quite cumbersome and something I have to do everytime someone requests the report.  No bueno.


Totally agree .. we want to use a group of 'Deal Countries' across many reports (EMEA, APAC etc..) + a group of Industries etc..  Without creating a 'pseudo' custom property and then mapping each country to that custom property, there doesn't seem to be a practical solution.   All very cumbersome and a pain in the £$% when it comes to creating multiple and diverse reports ....  


I agree with this. I am trying to group Lead Status properties together to show all 'Qualified' (10+ Values) and Unqualified (1 Value) by our system. 


We have a custom property (Deal Acquisition channel) with many values and it would be great to be able to group them.


Dear All,

does somebody know if there is already a solution for the named problem? I would also need such grouping functions just for reporting without maintaining these properties.

Thank you for your kind reply and help.


I seventh this idea, we could really use this function!


We need this functionality for our reports on website conversions. At the moment we have a seperate property generated for the language of each country it's downloaded from. 



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Yes, this would be great... +1!

Currently, a workaround is to create these groupings in the CRM with a combination of a custom Property and Workflows.

E.g. I to group all DACH Countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) in a Report, I would have to

1. create a Custom Dropdown Property called sth like "Territory/Region" with DACH as one option (and e.g. North America, Asia/Pacific, etc.) AND

2. create a Workflow to assign the Territory/Region = DACH value to all Deals where Country/Region is any of Germany or Austria or Switzerland.

3. Use the "Territory/Region" Property instead of the "Country/Region" Property in my Reports


While this approach is certainly doable, it only makes sense for long-term analysis and not ad-hoc reporting / grouping where I do not want to create various properties cluttering my CRM data...



Definitely need this feature! There are other similar ideas in the forum about this, but upvoting here because it looks like this one has the most traction and this should be something HubSpot prioritizes! For my use case, this is really important for complex open vs closed ticket volume reports - see more below: 


Screenshot 2024-04-02 155907.png


As you can see in my screenshot, I am breaking down the graph by the ticket status, but it doesn't give me further customization of how that data is broken down, it just breaks it down by each ticket status that is known. Hovering over the breakdown, ideally all of the options before "Closed: Conflicts & Disputes" would be grouped as 1 big number called "Open" and the "Closed" would be a group of the "Closed Conflicts & Disputes" and "Closed" so that there are only 2 different colors on my graph. Perhaps clicking on each color could give me more details about which status they are in. I just don't need the graph to be THAT granular by default. I think there might be a default open vs closed tickets report, but I believe it only works for one pipeline, not a combo of pipelines, so giving us more flexiblity to group data our own way would be great!