Grouping Deals or Quotes for a Single Project with multiple companies

An issue that we face with the quotation and deal system is that we will encounter situations where multiple businesses request a quote for one project that they're currently tendering for. 


The current issue we face is that we need to produce multiple deals for one project, which means that we've had to introduce a new deal property in order to filter our dashboards so we can keep it organised. This itself brings another issue where we have duplicate deals/values - so for example, 5 companies may have approached us for work on a single project, and we've quoted each of them £50,000. However, only one of the businesses will win the contract for the project, so for a piece of deal that is worth £50,000 to us, it will report as being £250,000 worth of business until we place the other 4 into Closed Lost (or just Closed) 


It would be great to group quotes for separate companies together, and the highest (or average) value of the deal would be shown as the 'Amount' for that single deal.