Group and Round Robin Meetings links should appear in Meetings for all users who are a part of them

Currently, for any team Meetings links (Group or Round Robin) the link only appears in the list of meetings for the user who created the link. This means other users cannot see the link in their list of links, or edit it.

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When a user creates a team meeting link, it is under that specific user. If this user is deleted from the portal then the meeting links will be deleted as well. This can be a huge pain point for teams that are still using that meeting link because currently, the only option is to re-create the link on another user. Doing so won't make it the same exact meeting URL as the previous one since there's no way to transfer the ownership of group links between users. I would like to see HubSpot come up with a feature that would make this transition a lot easier for teams and team meeting links.

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Hi, my idea is to centralize control of meetings links either to a level of Hubspot user or given authority by an admin to manage other's calendars.


Let's say the VP of Sales leaves the company. They made all the meetings links for emails or landing pages. Now that the person is no longer a Hubspot user, the meetings links are broken. 


Leaving the control of meetings to one person can result in chaos if that person leaves the company...or even if they are on vacation and a meeting setting needs to change. 


Please allow for multiple people to control/edit the same Meeting.

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My proposed use case for this feature is to have a generic team link for round-robin meeting scheduling across a sales team. It doubles as a good backup personalization token when setting a "Contact Owner Meeting Link" token in an email in case it fails.

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And anyone with admin access.


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Hey there!


We are building out our sales team, and using Round Robin meeting links to increase capacity. I realized I can't edit those group meeting links if they were created by another team member, nor can I view them in my Meetings tool, nor can I send them directly through the gmail plug in.


The fix I would like to ask for is to make any links created as group meeting links to be accessible within the Meetings tool by all Sales Pro users, to be editable by anyone on that team, to be integrated with the gmail plug in. Additionally, I think they should 'belong' to the team, rather than to an individual, so that if the creator leaves, the team doesn't have to re-create a set of meet links. The current set up has been frustarting for my sales team, and I think these would help scalability across teams.


Thanks for your help, and I hope to see a fix soon!

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Allowing mulitple users to edit and control group meeting links would be a benefit to our company.

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Also, the invite that the person sees shows one person "you're booked with X" - it shouldn't show an individual if it's a group meeting!

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As others have said, we definitely need more control of availability here. The 'Round Robin' funcitonality loses a lot of its usefulness since we can't induvidually create availability. Making a blocked off 'Busy' event in Calendars isn't a viable option, and creating multiple meeting links defeats the purpose.


The most simple way to fix this would just being able to assign an availability 'Block' to a certain user. You can already create 2 blocks, just let me control whos available for each one. Look at Calendly's availability. 


Even more simple: Just cross refernce with the availability set from their personal meeting link. 

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I echo the sentiments of others in the group - an admin should have the global visibility of links and link setup just like every other ares of the tool. It limits the whole value of this feature to have it tied to individual users.



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We need this too. Currently using Acuity Scheduling which handles availablity across different calendars well.