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Greater Flexibility on Reporting and More advanced Reporting

Hello All! This is going to be a lengthy one because I am going to outline the situation first and then put my idea at the bottom so it is hopefully clear and not too far fetched 😆

Basically I was trying to make a report to show deal conversion rates:

I created a funnel showing conversion rates but it only shows the conversions if I click "if been through all stages" and not necessarily would the deal have been though all selected stages

-Conversion rates should be the total number of “contracts sent” divided by the number of deals in the below categories:

   - Closed & Won STP

   - Closed & Won

   - With Project Management

* edit on the above "if deal has ever entered any of the above stages last year" and these if possible need to be shown separately

I have created two separate reports which pull though the correct data though if you do the same on a conversion funnel it is filtering it so the data is incorrect.


** the issue here is that to see the conversion percentages it has to be deals that have gone through "all" stages as this is what measures the conversion **


It needs to be; eg. If deal time stamp “contract sent” is last year divided by “if entered stage project complete” is last year


Basically if you want "any" on a conversion funnel there is no way to show this conversion. The issue being that not always all deals would go through all stages – for us some projects don't require planning (Closed Won STP) and also the salesman are not the most tidy/organised logical of users so sometimes if they have not been updating for a while a project might get whisked from design to with project management😏


The reporting section in HubSpot is totally whizz and certainly no complaints but it could do with an optional mathsy section for the occasional nerd to write their own formula math based reports/graphs.

I had one the other day where I wanted to analyse three different items – I needed to have a report on deals showing the time spent on a deal, by salesmen and how region affected this so x=region and y= time (in stage) plus colour code the bar (stacked) to show salesman and show an average/linear line- I ended up running reports to get the right information shoving it in excel and taking screen prints of the excel graphs 🙃

Could Hubspot come up with a type of integration that sends you to only the graph creating section of excel or similar - a bit like a doc editor… programme sat within a programme- and this would be within the HS UI 👍


I am actually in the middle of setting up simPRO too - and their reporting is significantly more advance... you can basically write formula and insert the category like you would select data in excel and then it will do your report...

a bit like =SUMIFs(and("select hubspot category/field"= choosehubspot category filter, select hubspot category/field"= choosehubspot category filter)) blah blah….you know what I mean, and all the other basic excels including:


Main ones i think =average, averageif/s Sumif(s) countif(s)... all the logicals, if, not, ors, and exclusives, and the typical math ones COMBINA, SUBTOTAL, SUM, SUMPRODUCT and stats: countifs forecasting etc


So you can write a report using normal excel function but rather than selecting data cells in excel choose the HubSpot field then filter it and specify where you want it to appear -

Basically in Hubspot all the numbers and data is there... just not the maths 😁 - critical to grow a business... if you know your stats you can make informed intelligent decisions

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Hello all,

more on this idea....


I am trying to create a report (preferably a funnel) to show movement from our inactive pipeline to active pipeline - it is for one of our staffs KPIS - i need to see conversion rate of deals that were/have been sent to inactives (this is where we hold our deals that we do not think we are going to win and our Client Development manager networks with clients to try and make them active/orders again 🙂 )

basically "if ever has been inactive pipeline" and "is now active pipeline" in the last 365 days


I am in the builder for funnel reports and it is only possible to use one pipeline for funnel reports 😭 so please upvote and share my idea so we can report/show conversion rates between pipelines and not only deal stages🙌


I am building reports for our customer service team around tickets and surveys.  The following are some suggestions that I think would help with exception reporting to more easilly call out what needs to be addressed.


In a pivot table:

1. The ability to sort by either the row or any of the columns or the total column.

2. The ability to add % to Total calculations for Promoter, Neutral and Detractor

3. The ability to add % Response to Surveys sent for the filter on the report. (we are filtering based on Ticket category and I'd like to see how many were sent by category vs the responses received)


Thank you.