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Granular custom object permissions

Custom objects should have granular permissions based on each custom object, instead of the "umbrella" approach today where access is granted across all custom objects

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September 28, 2023 06:42 AM

Hello! I wanted to share that this feature is now available inside of your HubSpot portal.

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April 14, 2023 12:31 PM



We are almost ready for private beta customers! Please fill out this form and I will reach out when we are ready. In the meantime if you have questions, please email me at




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April 05, 2023 08:12 AM

Hello all, 


My name is Flora (Yuan) Wang and I'm the PM for User Management and Permissions at HubSpot. We are working on this actively now and I will post here when we are close to a beta. I understand this has been a pretty pressing need and I hope to report back with good news soon!

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Agree - In many instances we are adding in custom object records so that we can report and display data in HubSpot. I am in need of the ability to allow users to view but not create a custom object record. I would only like our Admins to be able to create. 


Our use case is Referral partners. When a new contact or company is added into our database a Referral Partner object is automatically created therefore our team only ever needs to add a Referral Partner to a deal or company that is already existing. If the contact or company isn't in HubSpot they would add the contact or company then the referral partner record would be created automatically for them to add to the deal or company.


Having these permissions would allow us to have proper procedures in place to have proper access rights to maintain a clean database. 




We absolutely support this idea!

We nee 3 custom objects with different access rights per role.
E.g. confidential project information which may only be seen by Role 1 and human resorces data which may only be seen by Role 2


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+1 different custom objects require different permissions for users. 

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I agree - we have different custom objects that require different levels or permissions to view etc.


+1 different custom objects require different permissions for users.


So much yes on this! It is a HUGE hindrance to us that we can't have separate permissions on each of our custom objects. Different teams need to be able to access different types of objects. Having it all controlled by one permission it makes it really difficult to manage. Using "Owned Only" or "Team Only" can only get you so far if you need to have a HubSpot user field to identify the sales rep on record for a contract without having them be able to actually edit said contract. Using a text field opens it up for misspellings or nicknames here and full name there, which is an issue for consistent reporting. This really needs to be added to the backlog for HubSpot.


I absolutely agree. We use custom objects for very different kind of use cases. Hence, it would be tremendously helpful if you could configure the access permission for each custom object on an individual basis.

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yes please! 

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We really need this for an enterprise customer which would like to manage the investor relationships and the customer relationsships in the same tool and without restricting view permissions on certain custom object this is not possible. 


+1000 😉 


+1, absolutely necessary!


I wonder what those 51 of us who have upvoted this since September 1, 2020 could do to get this prioritized after 1.5 years time.


This is a huge disappointment to realize that permissions are set across all custom objects.  We have several use cases for custom objects, with different requirements for user access.  


Very much agreed. The ability to let users create one type of custom object, but not another, is essential for custom objects to be able to be used with data accuracy in mind.

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We require this for teams that have particular property field needs that are not needed/wanted by the rest of the organization.


this is huge! we have 1 custom object that needs to be private to owner only, and another for all to view, finding this not vary valuable with the lack of permissions. 

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100% support this!

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Hey! Being able to control user permissions at an object level is critical to configuring HubSpot for our clients. When enterprise clients have 3+ custom objects managing the user permissions grouped together is unmanageable. This causes major conflicts from a data privacy perspective.


Eg: For construction/real estate companies, they want their 'Listings' to be public to everyone, but they want the enquiries that come through to be private to the Listing Owner. 

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Yes - this!!!

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I second this, would be great for bigger clients with additional permission requirements!