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Granular Export Permissions



The current export permission simply provide on/off functionality, you can either export everything or nothing. 


It would be great to break this into more granular levels such as 


- by object (including individual custom objects) 

- by level i.e. can export all records / can export filtered records etc. 


This would be a feature that many security teams would be pleased with, it allows us to restrict access in line with other business systems. Currently everything needs access to everything when most user just need reports or some need contacts etc.


Hoping this gets looked at!



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An additional point to this:


Currently, even if a user has export permissions switched off, as long as they are able to access the Reporting tool, they can create a dashboard with the information they need and include the data in an attachment. With the right software, even if the attachment is a PDF, they could easily convert that file into an Excel or other document for use outside of HubSpot.


Alongside being able to control Export permissions on a granular level, it may be beneficial to have the dashboard emailing permission split out so you can control who can do this and who can't.


I would be very keen to limit the ability to export everything and only set limited export permissions.  For us we would want to allow certain users to export reports and view contacts but not have the ability to select the entire contact database and export.