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Grant Users Access to Multiple Teams

We need the ability to grant users access to multiple teams so when they are creating deals, companies or contacts they can specify which team they are doing this for.


This will allow our support staff to support multiple individuals in a way they can't at the moment and in reality, in many businesses, an individual will often work with more than just their own team. The user permissions settings are far too basic at the moment with just 'individual', 'team' and 'everything' not granular enough.



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January 07, 2020 07:14 AM

Hi HubSpot community,

As always thank you for your continued feedback on this issue. I'm excited to let you know that this ability has been released to all Professional and Enterprise customers. You can learn more about the functionality here

In Beta
October 04, 2019 04:34 AM

Hi HubSpot Community,


We're excited to let you know that the ability to add users to multiple, secondary teams is officially in beta for Professional and Enterprise customers. Over the next few weeks we will be listening to feedback and improving the product before releasing more broadly. Stay tuned and thank you for your continued feedback on the HubSpot Community!


August 13, 2019 06:25 AM

Hi @percy@jdlaguyo


Thank you for following up! We're getting very close to finalizing the functionality here and should be emailing those who are a good fit for the beta as early as next week. Thank you for your patience thus far, we're working hard to get this right, stay tuned! 


- Dylan 

In Planning
July 15, 2019 02:48 PM

Hi HubSpot Community,

Dylan from the HubSpot Product Team here.

Thank you so much for your continued feedback and input on this issue. I'm excited to let you all know that in the coming weeks we're preparing to bring this feature into a private beta for Professional and Enterprise HubSpot accounts. 

If you'd like to request access to this private beta once it becomes available - please submit this form.

Note: we will be prioritizing good-fit submissions who provide the most context about thier needs and plans to use the feature. 

Thank you in advance for your continued input here on the HubSpot community and helping us build a better product for you all.

- Dylan 

In Planning
January 30, 2019 08:03 AM

Hi HubSpot Community, 

I truly appreciate all of your feedback and input on this idea. We've begun considering and planning how to implement this functionality across HubSpot. If this is something you're still interested in contributing to, great, we could use your feedback! We've put together a form to learn more about your businesses needs - you can find it here.


For those who are willing to provide us with a bit more input via the above form, you'll likely be first in line for beta access to this functionality once it has been developed. 

Thank you again for your continued input in making HubSpot a better Product! 

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Yes, we desperately need this feature! Some of our salespeople work under different leaders (i.e. Teams). The current functionality does not cut it. 

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Thsi will be very nice to have. Especially when people work in multiple group with different project. 


I don't see how this isn't already there. With sales alone, this is a must. The VP of Sales needs to see what all of his people are doing. A Regional Manager who would cover 5+ states would need to see what the reps are doing in each state. And within each state, there could be 2-3+ sales reps. By keeping the focus on those teams, communications could be significantly better. Not to mention you can segrate the information so people aren't look at **bleep** they aren't supposed too.


I would agree.  Currently, out sales reps have access to their owned contacts.  But I need the ability for them to have access to them along with my customer service reps.  And most of the time, it's not always the same customer service rep.  But the way our company is set up, we can't allow employees to access contacts they don't own or work with.  So either allowing different teams on one contact or allowing multiple teams on one user would be the best option.  We use to get away with this by @mentoning a user in the notes, so they could access just that one contact, but since that feature has been taken away, we are dead in the water.


This is becoming more crucial with service hub in the mix, I'm working at setting up the NPS surveys, and the only options are to have responses go to a team or a single individual user. So if I want responses to come to leadership, or VP of Sales + VP of Service + COO, I can't do that unless I only have those people part of one team. But I most likely would have the VP of sales as part of a sales group.




There is overlap in most organizations.  The ability to assign users to multiple teams is crucial.


It's definitely needed for a contact to be able to have multiple owners, however for us, this need would better be solved by being able to give certain teams access to specific Property Groups. That way, any sensitive information could just be stored in a protected Property Group.


Agreed. I need US Sales + Marketing, Marketing, UK Sales + Marketing, etc. Given my transition experience so far, I'm beginning to think HubSpot cannot handle mid- to enterprise-level companies.


 Totally agree, this seems such a basic function that the software lacks.  It's not uncommon to have one person belonging to numerous teams.  I'd love to see this implemented.


We also need the ability to assign users to multiple teams.


I totally agree. In fact, when I designated my teams I assumed that users could be part of multiple teams. Why shouldn't they? Support asks for the case to add users to multiple teams, but what's the case for NOT being able to do that?


I just realized after several weeks that no one has been receiving vital notifications because they were only on the last team I designated. I'm going to have to go back and re-send those notifications manually. This is a big time suck, and I am not happpy.


Yes, please allow this! 🙏 As some others said, especially for a startup or companies with small teams that handle multiple responsibilities from various departments.


 I agree with this. When will this be made a feature.


I would like this feature as well.

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We need to make progress with this Hubspot. C'mon folks.


This feature is critical to any team of decent size with multiple roles.  Every other CRM product I have evaluated provides more robust groups and permissions than HubSpot's offering.  It is a surprising omission for an otherwise comprehensive product offering.

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 Client currently asking for this feature, updoot for adding the functionality 🙂


Yes, agree! We need this.


Agree 100%.  We also need the ability to assign users to multiple teams. As long as this is not the case, we have to hold the further sales roll out in the different continents.


If you need a CRM that solves the multiple team assignment - you can use Qontak dot com CRM.


Qontak's CRM enables:


1. Multiple teams and multiple hierarchies

2. Integration to Excel and Word to automate any documents (ie quotations, proposals)

3. GPS tracking

4. @mention capability

5. Simple interface