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Grant Users Access to Multiple Teams

We need the ability to grant users access to multiple teams so when they are creating deals, companies or contacts they can specify which team they are doing this for.


This will allow our support staff to support multiple individuals in a way they can't at the moment and in reality, in many businesses, an individual will often work with more than just their own team. The user permissions settings are far too basic at the moment with just 'individual', 'team' and 'everything' not granular enough.



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Thank you for working on this! 🙂 Just submitted the form and hope to be a part of beta team for our Partner portal to start. 

ステータスに更新: In Beta

Hi HubSpot Community,


We're excited to let you know that the ability to add users to multiple, secondary teams is officially in beta for Professional and Enterprise customers. Over the next few weeks we will be listening to feedback and improving the product before releasing more broadly. Stay tuned and thank you for your continued feedback on the HubSpot Community!


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Happy day! 🙂 Fingers crossed that we're accepted into the beta! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Can't wait to test out the new functionality. 


we also need this feature


This would be a great feature for many reasons. Thanks in advance

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Need this so badly

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@jackyb  We were part of the beta on this, but I think it is public now. See this KB article:


Hi @jackyb ,


Yep - adding to @Kierstin, the ability to add users to multiple teams should now be active. If it's not, you can definitely reach out to your Hubspot representative and they should be able to tranfer your CRM over to the new feature.


Hope this helps!




ステータスに更新: Delivered

Hi HubSpot community,

As always thank you for your continued feedback on this issue. I'm excited to let you know that this ability has been released to all Professional and Enterprise customers. You can learn more about the functionality here


@Dylan but what good is it? Reports only take the primary team membership into consideration. I have reported this to support. If you report based on HubSpot Team, and the user is a member of a secondary team, they do not appear on reports.


Hey @Dylan , great work, I have to agree with some of the other comments here. We'd need a little more functionality here on certain areas.

A use case on my end is where a secondary sales team is needed for separate routing/workflow assigned ownership. However, they can't make use of the tool without switching primary teams and losing the core team functionality.