Grant Users Access to Multiple Teams


We need the ability to grant users access to multiple teams so when they are creating deals, companies or contacts they can specify which team they are doing this for.


This will allow our support staff to support multiple individuals in a way they can't at the moment and in reality, in many businesses, an individual will often work with more than just their own team. The user permissions settings are far too basic at the moment with just 'individual', 'team' and 'everything' not granular enough.



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Good morning. Our team is small currently. I think we can get around not having this feature at the moment, but I anticipate that this feature will be required soon. We must be able to organize companies, contacts, and deals into team owners and allow our users to be assigned to multiple teams.


Yes - multiple teams are crucial for the permissions structure we need to achieve. This is something that could make us move away from HubSpot as our CMS.

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Please Hubspot,


We need to be able to add users to multiple teams!


This is critical for a multi-layer sales organization. We have multiple companies under our umbrella and we often work with the same customers/companies - this is critical to our integration cross-company.

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Assigning users to multiple teams is extremely important for us too!
We are an international industrial B2B company with a complex sales & support network. Many of our HubSpot users should not have access to everything but would still need to belong to several teams to work with certain customers. That's impossible with the current user management, so please give a higher priority to this request.

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I see that this idea is planned. Is more known about when it will be delivered?


We are in process to retire Zendesk in favor of HS Service, are facing many limitation such as this one. Please hurry to have this feature added.


I raise my hand as well.. We would also need that feature! 


This is vital to enable a team the feature "round robin." without it, we simply cannot take advantage of this much-needed feature.



  • Company has more than one business unit with sub-team. 
  • Sub-teams have hand-offs but still assist in working the deal so need visibility into the contacts and deals within a specific pipeline of deals not necessarily owned by them. To do this they need the ability to view deals and contacts from other permission-assigned sub-teams and/or parent teams.
  • Example: Contact owned by field-sales then contact owner passed to inside sales to help close the deal. Field sales may continue to assist even after the deal/contact owner is moved to inside-sales team. 
  • Workflow Example: web inquiries that come in via a form, go into a workflow that auto-assign contacts to inside-sales team in a round-robin. This is not possible the way HS is currently set up if inside sales also need visibility into ALL deals within a specific pipeline even when deals are not yet assigned to them.
  • Then there is the need for Sales ops/admin team for a specific business unit. They need visibility into the contacts and deals from multiple teams but not all deals across the company.

This feature enhancement request also posted here so this has even more votes:


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Following the thread as this is super important for us too!

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

Hi HubSpot Community,

Dylan from the HubSpot Product Team here.

Thank you so much for your continued feedback and input on this issue. I'm excited to let you all know that in the coming weeks we're preparing to bring this feature into a private beta for Professional and Enterprise HubSpot accounts. 

If you'd like to request access to this private beta once it becomes available - please submit this form.

Note: we will be prioritizing good-fit submissions who provide the most context about thier needs and plans to use the feature. 

Thank you in advance for your continued input here on the HubSpot community and helping us build a better product for you all.

- Dylan 

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Also critical for round-robin assignment for multi-branch businesses.


Finally 😉  

Thanks for working on that! 

@Dylan When will you start the Beta-Version? I filled out the form two weeks ago but didn't get any reply... 







Any update as to when the beta will be starting? I'm very excited since this will aleviate certain pain points in our internal processes. 

Best regards, 


HubSpot Product Team

Hi @percy@jdlaguyo


Thank you for following up! We're getting very close to finalizing the functionality here and should be emailing those who are a good fit for the beta as early as next week. Thank you for your patience thus far, we're working hard to get this right, stay tuned! 


- Dylan 


100% Agree, this is now slowing our sales down


Agreed, this will allow me to assign people with multiple skill sets to diferent teams so as to better focus support requirements.


We would love to see  this. We have multiple users who need access to multiple teams, but not everyone on a team should be able to see other team's info. This lack of this feature is adding extra steps to a relatively easy task and limiting our ability to use hubspot and compromising our data/security for each client.

We are Enterprise-level account and would like to particiicipate in the Beta when it is available.
Thank you!


Concordo com a ideia. Um usuário em uma posição administrativa deve ter direito de enxergar outras equipes que possue responsabilidades dentro de um fluxograma.


I'm so surprised this hasn't been set-up as a basic function. Our team situation is a mess! We have teams within teams, within teams - just to enable everyone to see what they need to. 


We are an international company, therefore, we have teams based on country. We have managers who oversea certain teams EG UK & South Africa. UK & USA.  But HubSpot stops us doing this, if UK is already used within a certain team for example. We only want managers to view certain country leads. 


WHY can't teams just be a simple tickbox functionality?? Then we could select a user to be part of multiple teams easily.