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Grant Users Access to Multiple Teams

We need the ability to grant users access to multiple teams so when they are creating deals, companies or contacts they can specify which team they are doing this for.


This will allow our support staff to support multiple individuals in a way they can't at the moment and in reality, in many businesses, an individual will often work with more than just their own team. The user permissions settings are far too basic at the moment with just 'individual', 'team' and 'everything' not granular enough.



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Ideally, would also be able to send correspendence based on a users "TEAM" .. for example, you want to send all "SALES TEAM" a link to sales training, or all "SERVICE TEAM" a note that you have a new knowledge base loaded ETC. Right now the only work around is to re-create the the team in lists:


list of internal contacts


Then set the criteria for your inclusion list will be is NOT a member of that list.
Here's how to do that: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/salesforce/create-a-salesforce-inclusion-list 


AND THEN create lists with your internal team member assigned to their team "LISTS"


This would be a great feature! I have a frontline team, and I want some of its members (not all) to pick up the live chats, so I wanted to make a Support team!... but alas, users can only be members of one team! Seems like a real flaw in the teams functionality because people (especially in smaller organisations) work across teams! 

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This is an essential feature that must be enabled immediately. Many organizations out there have members that manage multiple teams.


We also need this feature! For agile cultures it is necessary to work in multiple teams.


YES!! In agreeance with this idea!! For our business we have multiple locations all of which need to be their own teams. I do have Sales staff that oversee multiple locations/teams so those indiviuals would require access to those location/teams relevant to them. At the same time there are staff members that I would prefer not have access to any other locations/teams other than their own so love the teams feature!! 


The other issue currently is that if I have a userer that isn't assigned to a team so that they can have access to all teams, any contacts/companies/deals that they have created aren't seen by anyone unless they also are unassigened to a team. 


The idea of this feature is great however in its current format is very restricting and almost defeats the purpose of having the feature.


As a manager of multiple teams how am I supposed to do my job without this functionality?


You cannot.


Something similar with Child and Parent Team Permissions is also here: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Permissions-on-Child-and-Parent-Teams/idi-p/260432


Definitely needed. I just realised some of our team couldn't access set contacts due to them being in another team. As some have said teams are not that useful if you can not be part of multiple teams. 


For this reason, we had to create a dummy user that is assigned to a management team that only Admin superusers can access but still be part of another team. 


It did not solve the problem of needing staff to be part of different teams though. 


Be great to get this feature sorted. 


This is astonishing that it is still not a feature.