Grant Users Access to Multiple Teams


We need the ability to grant users access to multiple teams so when they are creating deals, companies or contacts they can specify which team they are doing this for.


This will allow our support staff to support multiple individuals in a way they can't at the moment and in reality, in many businesses, an individual will often work with more than just their own team. The user permissions settings are far too basic at the moment with just 'individual', 'team' and 'everything' not granular enough.



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For those of us who attended Inbound18 it was announced that sublevels for teams is now available (or coming soon) for Enterprise accounts. There are actually a ton of incredible features being introduced to really set Enterprise apart.


I know most of us are Professional users so this news is probably not what you were hoping to hear. But know that some features initially introduced on the Enterprise level can be pulled down to Professional if there is enough of a call for it. 


This is really needed!

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@Jon_Sasala It's kind of ridiculous since this should be a basic sales feature. Making it so you need to pay for the top tier just so you can properly assign users in your CRM seems like a big middle finger from hubspot.


Mutliple teams are needed. For sales reps who work on tiered teams based on product, the higher tiered teams still need access to the contacts interested in products the lower tiered teams focus on. This is important when using round robin lead assignment in a workflow. 


High tier sales reps need to be able to get round robin assigned to contacts interested in their advanced products AND be in the rotation for assignment to leads interested in basic products along with the low tiered reps.


 This would be very helpful and a must have feature for company growth, because when sales teams grow and start to have levels of hierarchy, it is necessary to grant permission to access not only one team but multiple teams to some managers.

Real Example: I am a Hubspot consultant for a big insurance company in Chile. We have more than 50 Hubspot Sales users divided in zones, and each zones is divided in teams. So each team manager can see the deals of all their team, this works well in Hubspot. But zone managers need to belong to all of their zone teams simultaneously so they can access every deal of their zone, but not the deals of other zones. This cannot be done right now in Hubspot. I really think you should add this feature since is aligned with your Company Growth Strategy.


Christian, I think this is now supported in Sales Enterprise, which starts at 10 users for $1200/month.


I can confirm that this feature is now rolled out to Marketing Enterprise users, and works as desired.


We have marketing enterprise and you still cannot assign someone to multiple teams at once. This is an absolute requirement for people who work on more than one product line/region/service at once, while others may have some overlap but don't work on the exact same things all-together.


It's really nice that it works for enterprise, but Hubspot is supposed to serve small businesses. Lack of team functionality is a area that requires constant work around. It is basic and shouldn't be limited just to enterprise.


Nine pages of user comments, and from memory not a single contribution from Hubspot.  To me that say a lot about how much they really care about the small time user on the free version of the product.


Such a shame, it was a great product, one of the best CRM systems I've used.  Unfortunately I couldn't persuade my employer to go with it without this basic functionality and so they opted for Dynamics CRM (which is a pain in the **bleep** frankly!).


Sort it out Hubspot.


We need this as well!  We're not a big company, but it has already come up.  Please let us know when it's on the roadmap.  Thanks.


Being able to assign our Account Managers and Field Engineers to multiple team is going to be critical for us in the near future. This would be the top new feature we would like to see added


This feature would be very useful for how our company uses the tool.


As we are a small business, each employee has different roles. For example, our CEO is considered as part of our sales, marketing and technical team. However, he can only be in one team in Hubspot and this becomes a problem when we need to constrain/control access to other teams. 


Yes please. Pretty dire need for that

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It's becoming more apparent how much my teams need this. +1 Vote


We also need this functionality. 


As a sales director, I'd like to be in several teams. Sometimes, I own key contacts and deals that are my own but I want to involve another senior rep. The only way to make this available is by giving the ownership to the rep directly, which is not ideal since I need to keep track of it out of Hubspot. 


As a suggestion, one way to enable us to share deals and contacts with others could be "Deal teams", has this functionality where you can add a team to a specific opportunity even if they don't belong to the same Sales team. 

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Abolutely necessary for many of our agency clients with external sales teams. +1


Faced the same problem. "A must" feature !


I agree wholeheartedly. Teams are useless as they are currently setup. 

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This is a "must" and has been so since the teams-function was developed.