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Grammar/Spell Checker

Hi all.

One of the things that has prevented me from making a smooth transition to the new social tools is the lack of compatiability with spell checking tools such as Grammarly or Ginger. As those in charge of social will know, there's not much worse than going on a social platform and realising you've made a grammatical mistake - and when you're scheduling dozens of messages at a time, it's quite easy to miss an error during a proofread.


With the new tools rendering Ginger of no use, would it be an idea for Hubspot to integrate their own tool here?

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@PeterLeterme It is a shame - the reason I posted in here is because I was directed here from a live chat. It's all the more disappointing given the numerous improvements that have been made of late to the social side. It'd be nice to know if this feature or at least some kind of integration is in the pipeline. 


@Dalehhl Very true! 

I'll get my colleagues as well to upvote your idea, praying for Hubspot to notify us with some good news soon! 


Yah we need this - Crazy that it doesn't work already - It seems so basic


Definitely agree. I don't understand why spell check was removed.


Yes! I upvote this spellcheck feature and so does my sales team!


I feel this is a very feasible feature that can be added. I know all of my colleagues would appreciate it


It has actually been so long since I requested this feature originally that I don't even work in marketing or have responsibility for my company's social presence anymore. In that time, we've not only generated support for the idea regularly (the emails I get every time there is a reply tell me that), but I've been named one of Hubspot's most active users. I hope I can use the clout of this 'achievement' along with the views of everyone before me to encourage Hubspot to actually act on the feedback and save social media managers across the land a few blushes. 


Don't say I didn't at least try.


HOW MANY UPVOTES DOES IT TAKE?!?!?!? lol Who at Hubspot will push this through for everyone?????