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Hi all.

One of the things that has prevented me from making a smooth transition to the new social tools is the lack of compatiability with spell checking tools such as Grammarly or Ginger. As those in charge of social will know, there's not much worse than going on a social platform and realising you've made a grammatical mistake - and when you're scheduling dozens of messages at a time, it's quite easy to miss an error during a proofread.


With the new tools rendering Ginger of no use, would it be an idea for Hubspot to integrate their own tool here?

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I haven't used Ginger before however every other piece of software and service we use has integration for Grammarly and it has proven to be more than valuable to our team and our clients. Is there something preventing integration with either of or both of these tools?

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This a correction of my reply. Grammar rly does work with HubSpot. It was a Grammarly issue and not a HubSpot issue. I have not had time to look into Ginger, however if you are having issues with it you might try Grammarly as it works very well. If it appears to not be working make sure you have the browser plugin installed, and if so try restarting your browser or re-installing the plugin. Also, I’m not aware of which browser you are using, but I’m using Chrome and it works well with HubSpot.
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Hey tmoorhead.


Thanks for the update. I'll certainly check it out and see if I can get it up and running - the reason I went to using Ginger was that I couldn't get Grammarly to work a while back.


Thanks again!

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Hello all. I'm having a similar issue and a re-install did not help. Grammarly is working in this text field, but it doesn't work within the software, perhaps because I am writing from behind a password wall?


I did turn on Google Chrome spell checker and--hooray!-- it is working inside of the platform if that helps any of you. 


I'll be following for updates! Plus, want HubSpot to know a few ways spelling/grammar checking is difficult in HubSpot:

- Email/Blog: Spellcheck is not automatic, must be turned on (easy to forget) and the dictionary is severely limited

- Email/Blog: No Grammar check

- Social Publishing: No spelling or grammar check 

-Social Chrome plugin: No spelling or grammar check 

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great stuff!

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Are there any plans to integrate this? I use Grammarly every day and it kills me that it's not available in the Hubspot sales interface. It's a crucial tool for my processes which involves writing a lot of emails.

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Hi there, has anyone figured out a way to integrate Grammarly with Hubspot? I was directed here by a Hubspot Community Service Agent who said that there was a solution proposed in this thread.


I'm having the same issues as have been highlighted above. Grammarly works here (where I don't need it) but not inside of blog posts (where I desperately need it.)


Does anyone have a workaround? 


Thanks in advance. 

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Hi all, 


This seems to be the answer from Grammarly:


Kasey (Grammarly Support)

Feb 2, 5:46 AM PST

Hi L,

Thank you for contacting Grammarly! Let me look into this for you.

It appears that Hubspot uses iFrame for its text areas. Unfortunately, iFrame is not supported by Grammarly at this time.

The good news is that you can check your texts in the Grammarly Editor at, as well as in the native (desktop) app. Also, if you're a Windows user, you can download Grammarly for Microsoft Office to check your texts from within MS Word and Outlook.

I hope this helps, but please feel free to contact me with any additional questions or comments. We apologize for any inconvenience.'

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Hi everyone, 


For me, it seems that at this stage, (7 months further) there is no solution. Did anyone had a new idea in the mean time? 




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 Hi all,

30 upvotes and no reaction from Hubspot ? 

Can't believe such a great toll can't even check spelling, I have to copy and paste all my emails on a google doc to check spelling. 

And I write in french, I guess that will take even longer to be in Hubspot Smiley Sad

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@PeterLeterme It is a shame - the reason I posted in here is because I was directed here from a live chat. It's all the more disappointing given the numerous improvements that have been made of late to the social side. It'd be nice to know if this feature or at least some kind of integration is in the pipeline. 

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@Dalehhl Very true! 

I'll get my colleagues as well to upvote your idea, praying for Hubspot to notify us with some good news soon! 

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Yah we need this - Crazy that it doesn't work already - It seems so basic

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Definitely agree. I don't understand why spell check was removed.

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Yes! I upvote this spellcheck feature and so does my sales team!

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I feel this is a very feasible feature that can be added. I know all of my colleagues would appreciate it

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It has actually been so long since I requested this feature originally that I don't even work in marketing or have responsibility for my company's social presence anymore. In that time, we've not only generated support for the idea regularly (the emails I get every time there is a reply tell me that), but I've been named one of Hubspot's most active users. I hope I can use the clout of this 'achievement' along with the views of everyone before me to encourage Hubspot to actually act on the feedback and save social media managers across the land a few blushes. 


Don't say I didn't at least try.

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HOW MANY UPVOTES DOES IT TAKE?!?!?!? lol Who at Hubspot will push this through for everyone?????

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74 upvotes?? We're running into this issue with our company as well. We need a spell checker tool within the Service > Tickets > Email tool.

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Hi everyone,


Shameless plug -- not sure if this is still an issue 3 weeks later, but my team has been working on an extension that smoothly integrates into every platform we can think of, including Hubspot.


You can find the Chrome plugin here: (we also support Firefox and Edge).


If you encounter any issues please ping and we'll try our best to fix it for you in a 2-week timeframe (seriously).