Google Search Console integration is too intrusive

When setting up the link to Google Search Console, I am asked to give permission for Hubspot to manage my emails, documents etc. It should not be necessary to have to give permission to any of that. 


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I would classify this as a bug rather than a feature request. I've never seen any app anywhere request so much authority in order to integrate anything  - and this GSC integration is just for some web stats...hardly anything that should require you to sign over everything in your Google account.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

I just wanted to follow up on this to let you know that this is a concern we've recently addressed. Previously, the amount of permissions requested had to do with the way that we had bundled permission sets for other parts of the tool (such as connecting a Google Calendar or inbox to use sales tools). 


As of yesterday, we've deployed an incremental authorization change to the integration with Google Search Console allowing you to only have to grant permission to the GSC-specific scopes (the last two bullet points in your screenshot). If you've previously granted access to other Google tools in order to use our Sales or other Marketing tools, then the full list will still appear. 


If you've already connected through the connection flow that asked you for permissions to everything and you want to scale that back to just be GSC, you can: 

If you run into any issues, feel free to reply to this thread or submit a support ticket.