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Google AdWords allows for an integration with Salesforce which "allows you to  automatically see when sales events that you track in Salesforce started with a click on an AdWords ad. It's the best option if you use Salesforce’s Sales Cloud® to track your sales data." 


Is it possible to have a similar integration for HubSpot where conversions are imported into your Google AdWords account directly from HubSpot?


More details about Offline Conversion Tracking by Google:

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Hey @cduranowski this integration does not currently exist for HubSpot Sales, but I"m going to move this to our Ideas forum for others to vote/comment and Product to evaluate. 

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Thank you!

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I would like to know if the Ad add-on provides any documentation on how to do this. Apparently, it is supposed to this very exact thing but I am not sure if it's currently supported by HubSpot because I signed up for a free trial and page continued to load without anything happening...

In addition to the keyword to form submission tracking, we'd like to know which keywords/ads led to call inquiries. A big chunk of our leads come from phone and we have no idea which ads or keywords resulted in a call. Most people just dial the number listed as a call extension alongside our AdWords ad and do not click on the link to visit the page.

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This is a very good question! Can you please provide some information regarding the recent development/consideration on this idea/topic? 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Planning

We are currently working on the ability to send lifecycle stage data back to Google and Facebook for reporting & conversion optimization

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Hi Guys,
Just wanted to know if we can intergrate hubspot with google ads for offline conversion tracking , And just wanted to know if there is a way to do that like we have ways to do it with salesforce.

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This is not available yet?



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