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 Google My Business is a great tool for localized businesses to engage with customers, and people who leave reviews. It would be great to see whether we can integrate this similarly to how we integrated Google Plus (and since they are phasing this out it would be a wonderful replacement.) Here is the link to Google My Business and how it works - adding this feature to the social publishing tool would be a fantastic addition and help automate the process of engaging with reviews and customers who are visiting your business and leaving mentions throughout the web. Having this feature will help companies build loyalty and help start more conversations through 1-to-1 interactions. Could we possibly push this to the developers and see whether this is something that can be implemented in the near future? Thanks.

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November 17, 2021 07:53 AM

Thanks for continuing to highlight your interest @lschulte and others! We continue to monitor requests for Google My Business and other reviews platforms. We do not have plans to prioritize this space in the near term. We recognize that reputation management across platforms is a key business need, and will continue to consider opportunities.

April 17, 2020 10:34 AM

Thanks for the clarification @dkarras! From conversations with mutual users of HubSpot and Google My Business, we've heard that most would want an integration to cover multiple components of GMB's surface area: e.g., incorporate visibility into reviews, the ability to respond to those reviews, the ability to post, and potentially the ability to manage appointments. It's valuable to understand that you would be satisfied with only the posting functionality.

Not Currently Planned
April 17, 2020 09:59 AM

We understand the importance of reviews to accelerating our customers' flywheels. We continue to monitor opportunities related to reviews and reputation management, and do envision making product investments in the future. At the moment, however, we have not prioritized development in this area.

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This is about Google Posts, not about posting updates to Google + pages.  Google announced widespread availability of their new Google Posts functionality (debuted in 2016 as "campaign cards") that allows you to create a rich post (can include images) that will live for 7 days directly on your Google MyBusiness listing in search results (right hand side of search results page) and maps.  Some other helpful links: Google Support for Posts, Search Engine Land Blog. This feature looks awesome, and in the spirit of Marketing Automation I think Hubspot should help us publish in this new medium using the social publishing tools, so we don't have to do it manually.


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Thanks for your post!


Who is phasing out what? Google Plus on HubSpot or something completely else? Also was there meant to be a link in your post for further info as I can't see it? Thanks!

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Absolutely agree - this is a major differentiator for us on Google. For us, our national competition can't keep up with every single location every 7 days, but we can. 


Would LOVE to have this capability in HubSpot!!


I've also heard a rumor that Google+ posts for business pages will be phased out - if not the whole of Google+ for businesses, to be replaced with Google MyBusiness only.


We love the idea of this too... in fact we quite need it! We have far too many business locations to manage these posts manually. Please push this forward so that we can automate the process! 

And we've also heard that Google+ and YouTube will no longer be managed through the Google My Business page, but will be split out as they are different products.


Same here, would love the functionality right in the social menu!

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I agree, this is an amazinng feature and would be awesome to support.


Managing our franchise locations' Google My Business profiles, it would be great for GMB integration so I can cascade content/posts to the GMBs in the similar fashion I cascade Facebook/G+ content to the franchisees' FB/G+ pages.


Agreed - would love this functionality. Is there any sign of it coming to HubSpot??


I have been hoping for eactly this to be added to hubspot! 


great idea

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Hello LucasMarc


This is a great idea. We support this.



Kjersti Bakke

Dikom, Norway


Thanks Kjersti. 


P.S. You have the coolest name... love it. 


Would be very useful. Strongly support adding that functionality 


I would like to use this functoin!! Tsuyoshi


Yes 1+ to this


I hope HubSpot could work to make this happen.  

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I would LOVE this feature too please.  Then I can do away with my other SM software.

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Just following up on this again... Google just announced that they are sunsetting Google+ for consumers due to security issues and lack of adoption.  This calls into question the validity of continuing to post on Google+ business pages, if no one is using the service.  I think this makes it even more critical for the relevance of Hubspot's social tools to create a way to post on the new "Google Posts" platform, which Google is heavily promoting for businesses.