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 Google My Business is a great tool for localized businesses to engage with customers, and people who leave reviews. It would be great to see whether we can integrate this similarly to how we integrated Google Plus (and since they are phasing this out it would be a wonderful replacement.) Here is the link to Google My Business and how it works - adding this feature to the social publishing tool would be a fantastic addition and help automate the process of engaging with reviews and customers who are visiting your business and leaving mentions throughout the web. Having this feature will help companies build loyalty and help start more conversations through 1-to-1 interactions. Could we possibly push this to the developers and see whether this is something that can be implemented in the near future? Thanks.

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@dkarras I think that is great news about Google+ and hopefully will create a greater need for HubSpot and Google to work on the API to make it possible to support Google Posts outside of the MyBusiness platform.

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With Google Plus going away by Aug. 2019, the integration of GMB will be quite crucial. Since it seems that Google is going to place more emphasis on GMB in local search results, posting and engagement will be important.


Definitely, a +1 from me.

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I would also like Google My Business to be integrated with the social options. Google + is on the way out and our team has been creating Google My Business postings regularly for a good while, now. We create a Google My Business post at least once a week. Having the ability to schedule posts out would be an amazing feature. I would love to see these feature be included in a 2019 update.

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It would be perfect, especially now that G+ will have no longer the integration running.

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Yes please to this feature, especially as Google+ is stopping.

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Now that G+ is going away, a Google My Business integration would be fantastic. 

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Can I add to this request? I would like this feature on my social tools.


Great idea~ Two hands up~

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Completely agree. Hopefully Hubspot will implement it.

Currently looking for a solution that would allow to post in bulk to Google My Business.

Does anyone knows about a product that will allow to manage Google My Business? Your help is much appreciated!

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Yes please do add this would be helpful to be able to schedule GMB posts from Hubspot