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Google My Business Marketing Hub Integration Request

Google My Business is an important local search and social tool. I believe that Hubspot Marketing Hub should have a full integration to cover multiple components of GMB's platform: e.g., the ability to create and analyze posts and conversions in HS, visibility into reviews, the ability to respond to those reviews, and analytics for everything. Marketing Hub is designed to centralize management of all marketing efforts and tactics, adding GMB is a natural progression. Marketers would appreciate the value of adding it to their marketing hub. Thanks!

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Also love to have chat messages come through Hubspot, that we can reply to

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Yes, it would be great to have Google My Business messages coming through to the conversations inbox


Great idea.  Would ensure we dont miss any messages from various channels.


It makes so much sense to have all social platforms where contact with a business is possible, linkable to internationally available CRM platforms, like HubSpot.


100%. Just like fielding FB Page Messenger through the Conversation inbox, fielding Google messages would allow for more transparent and streamlined communications with our prospects. Thank you