Google Meet integration for Calendar Sync

This idea delivered Google Meet functionality to events booked through Meetings links:


However, the Calendar Sync integration, which can hook up to the Schedule functionality on CRM records, does not do this. Events scheduled from the CRM that are added to users' calendars via Calendar Sync, do not get Google Meet links added to them automatically if the setting is enabled in the user's Google Calendar.


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we are not able to send an invite with the video-link, if we call a potential customer, and schedule the meeting, and assigning the meeting to the contact in hubspot. We can ofcourse edit the invite from G-suite, but that adds a manual task.


When the customer schedule the meeting on his own, throught he calender-link, we do get the meet-link included.


Would be great if both worked

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That would be super helpful and an enormous time saver. I don't see a workaround unless adding it manually through Google Calendar each time which requires resending the calendar invite... Also that used to work before.

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So Happy to see this is fixed for HubSpot meetings but this is a huge bummer that this doens't work for manual meeting invites we send to contacts via Hubspot. This is causing a ton of confusion for our sales team.


Please prioritize this, we use Meet for everything, and it's so simple for customers. 

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Is it possible to add google gsuite meetings to hubspot?


Same here. 

This point needs to send 2 email notifications to the same recipients. 

Not really efficient. 


An additional great option would be to integrate Google Meet link ... or other platforms (Zoom, Skype, Teams, ...)


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Please prioritize this - it's a huge time suck for our sales reps to manually add to meeting invites they send via Hubspot.

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YES. YES. YES. Having to go back into the event and edit it to a Google Meet, then sending another confirmation to the client is a bit much. Would love to have that functionality built in to the meeting link configuration, like you all do with Zoom and UberConference. 

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Until that is solved, what I do is the following (which is not so time consuming, but still error-prone):

1- I add a meeting from Hubspot

2- I go to

3- Locate my meeting then click Edit.

4- Click Add Google Meet

5- Hit Save, then it prompts a modal where I can write something, I type 'Google Meet Link' then click 'Send' to send an update to my Contact.


It takes maybe 10 seconds to do this if you're quick on keyboard and use to the process. Still having this done automatically would be awesome and time saver.

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Yes please! great idea! 

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If we add it later we have to be very careful.
I have missed many meetings and I have realized it late.
Until they do it like before I will stop putting meetings in Hubspot.

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This would be ideal - I'm having to use Calendly for this feature currently.


This would be amazing! We are not able to use Zoom due to their known cybersecurity issues and we are a cybersecurity company. We use Google Meets and this would be a big timesaver for our team who love the meetings link. Looking forward to this integration coming out!

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Absolutely agreed. Adding the full functionalities with google would be a massice time save. We have been having synchranisation issues (e.g. meetings added in Google do not appear in Hubspot an vice versa). Has any one else been experiencing this? 

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Agreed, definitely needed that the invitation email and subsequent reminders contain the meeting link. It isn't enough to just have the meeting link added to the calendar.

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Adding Google Meet link would be of great help in automating scheduling for our team. We have to rely on Calendly outside of Hubspot or Zoom. As a Google-Suite use team, Zoom is outside of our system set and Calendly is an added expense.