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Google Drive & Sharepoint Link Files Integration

We regularly have clients who need to link to files within their existing file management platform, e.g. Sharepoint, Google Drive.


To work around this we regularly include properties for file links, but this is not a great solution for a number of reasons.


It would be great if there was a way to search and link to one or multiple files in their native platform (Google Drive or Sharepoint) from any record.


How this would work:
  1. Connect Sharepoint and/or Google Drive
  2. Panel displays in right hand column of all object records
  3. Click to search or browse for files
  4. Select file/s to include on the record
  5. Save
  6. The file name and icon displays in the panel with a link to open any files in Google Drive/Sharepoint
  7. HubSpot users can select to add more files or remove existing files from the panel



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I am surprised this is not a feature already.

Would be a huge asset.


Hi @romi @CBell2 ,


Based on the steps described above, this could be solved using the CloudFiles app.

  • Installing the app will show a CloudFiles widget on all company/contact/deal page.
  • Clicking on the upload button open the Upload modal in HubSpot
  • You can import files directly both from OneDrive and google drive

If you'd like, you can try the app from the marketplace and let me know if it solves the issue.




Yes, please!


There's a 2-way sync with Google Drive & Sharepoint available on the HubSpot records using the CloudFiles app.

Here's a video for anyone who might be interested:


A native API will be preferred from my side