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Google Analytics 4

Greetings all.  Am looking to implement the GA4 environment and was wondering how others have done this, in Hubspot.  Done some basic searching and have not found any resources or articles on this topic.


We are currently setup, the the native HS implementation of Analytics and not having the code setup in Tag Manager.  How have others done this setup for the new Google Analytics 4?  Keep the native analytics.js in Hubspot and add the new js code to the head, from within Hubspot or add the new js code to Tag Manager?


Any other tidbits of information we should be aware of, in adding this property???





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Same Question.


I believe this would be simple enough for us customers, if HubSpot used the Global Site Tag (gtag.js) tracking code instead of the old analytics.js method. If HubSpot was using the current Global Site Tag script, we could easily connect the GA-4 property to our existing Google tracking code.



Generally with the focus on GA4 being around attributing business value and data-driven attribution, plus the native Big Query datastream connectivity, I think Hubspot should be forthcoming with how they're going to allow customers (especially Enterprise users) to connect Hubspot & GA4 - and I think it would be wise for them to invest in creating a native integration. I have been reliably told this is likely to happen for why not Hubspot?


same question