Google Ads Columns in HubSpot Ads

The following columns are a must on HubSpot Ads to go alongside Quality Score:


  • Exp. CTR
  • Ad relevance
  • Landing Page exp.


These are the three factors that define Quality Score. On Google Ads, they are rated as follows:

  1. Below Average
  2. Average
  3. Above Average

Depending on how your keyword is graded between these three factors is how your keyword's Quality Score is calculated.


These fields tell you what you should focus on:

  • Your Ad Copy
  • Your Landing Page
  • Your Keyword Bid
  • A little bit of everything

Any SEM professional will heavily utilize these three fields to determine their next optimization move.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Planning

@Yazz thank you for highlighting this. We are actively investigating the metrics customers have access to within the ad networks that they wish were also available in HubSpot's reporting. We have not finalized the list of metrics we will add, but we do expect to expand the set of what's available this year.

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Of course, glad I can help. I know it's not easy keeping up with Google's every-changing interface, but at least if we focus on metrics, it makes it a tad bit easier. Let me know if I can help any further. Thanks again for the heads-up.