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Goals for Custom Object Workflows

At present, Goals are not available for Custom Object workflows, which is deeply limiting and very annoying as a feature. These should become available, as they are within the Contacts workflows, with the ability to reference any other associated object to set the goal.

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For reasons unknown to man, Custom Objects and their related properties cannot be used in Workflow goals. This is an absurd choice - if we've gone through the effort of creating Custom Objects, then we expect them to be in all the places where regular objects are typically available. Please remedy the situation. 


Agreed 100% - we need this. 


100% agree. We run alot through customer objects and we are severely limited by not have goals for the workflows or the ability to create lists / reference lists. 


Agree with the above - if we're making custom objects, the whole point is to be able to reference them on the platform. This could make huge positive impacts on campaign and attribution measurement!