GoToWebinar - Name of webinar attended added to a multi-line property

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with the integration of GTW to HubSpot I thought there would be an easy way to add the name of the webinar for all contacts that attended a webinar in a multi-line property "Webinar attended". I tried by creating a list and than checking all contacts in that list and changing the property "Webinar attended" in bluk. Unfortunately that replaced/overwritten all former entries in that field instead of adding the recently attended webinar to the property.

Support told me that the only way is exporting data form the GTW and importing into HubSpot. Even creating a workflow does not work. Whould be great to be able to create workflows that add a new entry to a multi-line property instead of overwriting it.

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If you do it in a workflow, you can "append" instead of overwriting. That's how we do it at least. 

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Thanks. I figured that out in meantime, too.