GoToMeeting integration to Meetings

I use the meeting tool extensively in my business.  All of my customer meetings are handled remotely and I use GoToMeeting for each.  My HubSpot Meeting tool is connected to my Google Calendar, and my GoToMeeting instance is connected to my Google Calendar, but GoToMeeting doesn't communicate between Meetings and Google Calendar.


Connecting GoToMeeting to HubSpot Meetings would be very beneficial.  That way I do not have to go into each individual meeting in my calendar and add the GoToMeeting instance.


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@VirginiaBee That does sound interesting - but how do you deal with close/back to back meetings in GoToMeeting and avoiding people from the next call joining early and interrupting your current call - or if it runs long?


That's why we've never been able to actually make this work -using UberConference or GoToMeeting - because of this issue.

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I have found a way to use unique GoToMeeting links, not the personal meeting room that is "always open". It's a bit of a hack job, but I think it will work.


We're using Office365 and I have the GoToMeeting add-in installed.  I can click on Scheudle Meeting which creates an Outlook calendar event with a unique meeting url that I send to myself with the correct date and time. I'm guessing you could probably do this from within the GoToMeeting dashboard itself too, but I'm already in Outlook. I can then copy and paste that meeting link info into the HubSpot meeting description, so the contat will receive it inside of their HubSpot meeting confirmation email.

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I agree this would be great for our team of 5

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We really need this integration ourselves !

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@hroberts Do you have any updates on whether or not an integration for GoToMeeting will be added to Meetings in HubSpot, and, if so when this is planned for?


This is something that would make our teams much more efficient for Marketing, Sales, and Service.

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+1 This integration is the only thing in my way from upgrading from the Free HubSpot CRM + Calendly to the HubSpot Starter (eliminating the need for Calendly).


Thank you!


We are very interested in this and since they already intergrate with GoToWebinar, I don't see it being hard to intergrate.  

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+1 this is a must-have feature. Because of this, we're still using Calendly and we're not able to track meeting activities in HubSpot.  

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+1 on this. This integration is available in Salesforce and we are considering moving because we need more integrations like this at our fingertips to shorten the time of such activities. 

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This would be awesome to have. Just a more seamless way to set this up