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I use the meeting tool extensively in my business.  All of my customer meetings are handled remotely and I use GoToMeeting for each.  My HubSpot Meeting tool is connected to my Google Calendar, and my GoToMeeting instance is connected to my Google Calendar, but GoToMeeting doesn't communicate between Meetings and Google Calendar.


Connecting GoToMeeting to HubSpot Meetings would be very beneficial.  That way I do not have to go into each individual meeting in my calendar and add the GoToMeeting instance.


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This would be awesome, right now I just throw my personal meeting link in the location but this can make it awkward if you have back to back meetings and someone comes into your personal meeting room.


I am trying to switch off of using Calendly as it does not track meetings in Hubspot or Salesforce without an additional Zapier integration. I'd really like a GoToMeeting integration within Hubspot Meetings as well. 


We are looking for an alternative to Calendly as well, because the current conversion process of HubSpot form-to-Calendly form can be shorter. 

One potential workaround we found is the GoToMeeting Chrome Add-on, which places a meeting-generation button in the edit menu of a meeting. Once the meeting is put in your Google Calendar, open the event and click the button. This will add in the unique link as a location, populate the email content, and - once saved - add the meeting to GotToMeeting. 

Let me know if this helps!


Agreed!  This is the main reason that we do not use HubSpot meetings and use another vendor for our online scheduling.   We have two major pain points in HubSpot right now.  This is one of them.


This is the only missing piece stopping me from moving away from Calendly to HubSpot Sales Hub.


How in the world is this NOT a feature already? I have to leave the CRM to set up meetings? 


I'm adding my vote to this one - Go to Meeting integration would be a nice feature to incorporate!


This is a big missing piece imo. I'm hoping HubSpot adds a GoToMeeting integration soon.


Hi guys

Does anyone know if this integration is going to happen? They have an integration for GoToWebinar but not GoToMeeting which is really annoying.

I'm about to cancel my subscription with GoToMeeting and I canont seem to get any info from them. 


Any news would be great!

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I would like it open to more than just go  to meeting.  I have a many clients who use zoom

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Yes please!! Integrating Zoom and GoToMeeting would be amazingly helpful. Right now Sales Users have to followup manually from RoundRobin assignments which isn't practical compared with Calendly.


+1 from us. Would love to have the GoToMeeting created and a link added to the original invite sent to the attendees.


This is an important missing piece in the meetings. Hubspot should already have noted that the process is broken: we have had many problems scheduling meetings with our account managers and strategy consultants because the zoom links sent from a new email address kept piling up in our spam filter...

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Hi all - I don't have any updates specifically about GoToMeeting, but I thought some of you here would be interested to know that our Integrations team has just launched an integration with Zoom, and have incorporated it into the Meetings tool! If you are a Zoom user, check out We are hoping this work will lead to other conferencing software opportunities with Meetings and will be sure to keep you updated!


We also use GoToMeeting regularly, and it's a real pain to cobble together a Zapier to automatically add GoToMeeting details to an event and email to the client.


How did Calendly get this right and no one else can??


I'm not sure what it's worth in the grand scheme of things, but I wanted to hop on a second this idea also. Not being able to integrate GoTo Meeting is making ticketing just one extra step more difficult. I can't even imagine how much simpler things would be if my team was able to set up GoToMeetings from within HubSpot ticketing. @hroberts I'd be ecstatic to hear back about progress on that front.


I agree with this. We prefer to use GoToMeeting over Zoom. Not being able to integrate with HubSpot makes our meeting automation more time consuming and not fully automated.


I have a work-around for this that we successfully use. 


If you use your "always-on" GoToMeeting meeting (John's Meeting) and paste that into your HubSpot Sales Meeting invite description, you'll be all set.


@VirginiaBee that seems like a doable workaround, thanks!!!


@Capitel ... you're welcome! Happy to help and I was pleasantly relieved by the discovery myself. (Now if HubSpot could embed meeting calendars in a Form and not have two CTA buttons...).