Gmaill add-on instead HubSpot Chrome extension



I'd like to suggest HubSpot to develop Gmail add-on instead Chrome extenison. It's Google's new format of Gmail extenisons. It's native, it's work also with Gmail Android app, it interferes less with the Chrome browser.

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This is a must for anyone. It would also mean we don't HAVE to use Chrome.

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Yes, yes and yes! This is a must for this tool moving forward!

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Any news on this Hubspot?


Dozens of other companies have created one like Streak, Wrike, Copper, Capsule (as well as Trello, Asana and Dropbox). This would be a no-brainer for companies that prefer Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge or IE.


They work in any browser and even iOS as it's tied to Gmail and not the browser.