Gmail Sales Toolbar hides buttons when you scroll. Make it sit on top of email.

With the new sales toolbar that has appeared today in gMail, the toolbar disappears when you scroll down the email. So when you are looking at the "Send" button, you cannot see the "Track / Log" buttons that are now at the top where you have more than a few lines of text. So you then need to scroll to the top to ensure that you have the correct settings for the tracked or logged email before you hit send.

The toolbar should either be fixed and not scrolling, or the checkboxes should be at the bottom so you don't have to scroll to the top to view the tracking options before you send.

If you were working with a two line email, then that wouldn't be an issue, but if you are sending an email with any substance, then you need to necessarily scroll to the top.

The same applies for documents, which again requires you to scroll to the top to attach / insert a link to a document.

The user experience would be improved, or at least somewhat similar to what it was before.

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