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Gmail Extension Shows Client's Actual Associated Company in CRM

Currently the Gmail Extension lists a Contact's Associated Company based on their email domain, regardless of what they are actually associated with in the CRM. 


It would be incredibly helpful to have the extension just mirror what the CRM shows instead of pulling the association using "HubSpot insights", as this disconnect has created the following inconveniences for us:


  1. We now must have multiple redundant fields so we can see relevant company info at a glance if the actual associated Company is different than the email domain, including Company Name as otherwise we can't always know who they are with
  2. If we do need to edit any Company information, we must then open up the CRM to adjust any fields (removing the point of having a convenient extension, in my opinion)
  3. Fields are thereby less likely to be updated, as many team members simply do not want to take so many steps to update a single field. This makes many records out of date despite many record keeping campaigns on our end.
  4. Sometimes a parent company field is edited by accident, especially if a team member has not been briefed on this disconnect between the two data sets. This has led to multiple issues where the corporate account has been adjusted to have a random child company's information, ultimately creating a snowball effect of duplicates, confusion and in some cases deletion of important data by accident. 

I'm sure there are more reasons why this would be helpful, but I think those 4 are case enough. It simply doesn't make sense that we can pull the Contact information live from the CRM, but the Company association is pulled from HS insights. Of course, that explanation is based on the last reply I got regarding this issue, when I assumed it was just a glitch and not how HubSpot intended the feature to work: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/Gmail-Sales-Extension/Gmail-Extension-Showing-Wrong-Company-for-Con...


I have been creating elaborate workarounds for years, and it is glaring issues like this that keep me from drafting proposals to our executive team to upgrade to paid features. I am not sure if other CRMs do or don't have this feature available in their Chrome extension, but my opinion hasn't changed from the above post from 2017; this is a basic requirement for us to maintain accurate records and the reasoning I have been provided for why it is this way is unsatisfactory.

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