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Gmail Extension: Logging to ALL contact deals by default is terrible UX

When using the Gmail extension and enabling logging on an email, the HubSpot extension - by default and with no option to change it - logs to ALL deals that were ever created for that contact, including closed deals.


To prevent that, you have to - every single time - deselect the deals you don't want an email to be logged to. 


Unfortunately, the extension doesn't even remember your selection for the next time you email the contact. So you do it again.


Every. Single. Time. 


Now, imagine a contact that is eight years old and has 160 deals attached to it. Every single time you email them, no exception, you have to deselect 160 deals in the HubSpot extension options for that mail. 


Every. Single. Time. 


And now imagine having to think about this every time you email someone and enable logging. You will forget it. 


Every. Single. Time. 


Who thought this was somehow good UX or even acceptable UX? 


It's atrocious. Change it, HubSpot. 


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Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
Top Contributor | Diamond Partner

I second that : we'd need to be able to choose if emails should or should not log into closed deals.