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Globally Manage Users Notification Preferences

[7/7/2022 Update]


Since this post has continued to receive upvotes and comments, I wanted to take a moment to update my original post to clarify this is now live for Enterprise users.

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If any HubSpot admins reading this need guidance & best practices around other operational aspects of HubSpot, feel free to reach out


Hi Team!


I understand the "profile & preferences" area within HubSpot is meant to be user-specific, meaning someone logged in to a HubSpot account as a user would be able to manage their personal preferences without alterting those of a team member.


That said - I think there is an opportunity to give admins / super admins control over their team and/or all users within an account, so they can ensure all team members are receiving key notifications to the places they need to receive them (and on the flip side, that there isn't too much noise from irrelevant notifications). The idea here is to give certain people within an account the permission necessary to make global changes to all users / groups of users to ensure everyone is receiving the notifications they need, without each user having to manually manage their own preferences.


Thanks for your consideration!

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Hi folks!

I’m Pearly, the Product Manager for HubSpot’s notifications tool. I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to submit, vote and comment on this Idea.
Thanks to your feedback, the feature is now In Beta! (To gain access to this beta, please contact your HubSpot point-of-contact, whether that’s a CSM or HubSpot Support.)


Here is a walkthrough I recorded showing how to globally manage user notifications. 


We’d love your feedback to help us improve and grow, so please continue to leave comments on this thread. We’ll be sure to notify you here when this feature is Delivered, so stay tuned!


Thanks again!

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Demo looks really good @Pearly! This is a great improvement and long overdue. Did I hear right that it is only available in Enterprise? I have Growth Suite customers that could use it, I hope it's  available for them too 🤓

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Thanks for the demo. This sounds to be a good improvement.

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@CUrsu1 you are correct this feature will only be available to customers who have at least one Entreprise Hub.

If your customer has an Entreprise Growth Suite they can participate in the beta 🙂


I just sent 7,800 emails to my sales reps after turning on an Automation that set Contact Owner.  I incorrectly assumed I'd have the option to turn off notifications in the Automation and then forgot to look into it further once we turned on the Automation.  This is partly my fault, but nearly every other system I use gives the Admin access to setup most of the user preferences.  Controls by Team are also expected.


I am a new customer in the onboarding process.  I was also very surprised that I have to have each of my users setup their own email signature.   There are not enough properties/fields that I can set for my users to allow me to create templated email signatures in emails.  I was able to do this in Pardot 10 years ago.


Please get this feature into development.  It will mostly be too late for me. But, I'm sure I'd make use out of down the line.

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I would love to be able to modify notification settings on a team basis. Or just have the ability to modify other people's notification settings as an admin


Yes!  This is desperately needed!!


This would be incredible helpful for us. We've got quite a large team that doesn't need to receive all of the default notifications, and it's frustrating to have to explain to them how to edit these notifications when we have Super Admins to do this kind of work.

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Hey folks!


I'm happy to report this has been delivered and is featured in this month's Product Spotlight.


Check it out!





Hi @JoeMayall - super happy to hear this is now live. But where in the settings is this exactly? When I click the link in the article you linked to, it takes me to the user defaults section, but there I can only see the option to default the language, date format and email font. I don't see anywhere to edit the notifications?


As far as I know this is not available for all pricing plans. They forgot to mention that in the article 🙂


@Cristian_A - Yep I guess so, and only for enterprise accounts by the looks of things. Such a shame as this is something that would be really useful for any team on Hubspot. 


I know. This is a major pain for us as well, although other tools/services have this functionality available for all users by default.


It was communicated that the beta was being tested on Enterprise subscriptions and that all subscriptions would have access to this feature. I am not seeing this option for Marketing Professional. Very disappointed as I spoke with support months ago and they ensured me that the feature would be available for our subscription level.


It looks like this is built now, but it's only available at the enterprise level? It seems like a pretty basic feature to protect for the highest paid tier. 

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I was just on chat support and confirmed that this is for enterprise plans. Not Pro or below.


Oh yes please! This is one of the bigger obstacles when trying to launch and establish hubspot as the new workspace.

Whenever Hubspot is brought up as a topic, people complain about receiving too many "spammy" notifications.

If I, as an admin, would be able to set certain notifications for teams or users, like default roles, that would make the whole thing a lot easier.

As there are very many boxes to tick or untick for a team of 20 or so people, you can imagine, it´s not fun.

Please deliver this for all paid products.


Need this for professional

HubSpot Employee

This would be a great feature for professional subscriptions as well.  Any scaling organization could use tools to help manage their orgs notifications. Remove the friction early so that it does not have to be dealt with when you grow to an enterprise subscription.