Globally Manage Users Notification Preferences

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I understand the "profile & preferences" area within HubSpot is meant to be user-specific, meaning someone logged in to a HubSpot account as a user would be able to manage their personal preferences without alterting those of a team member.


That said - I think there is an opportunity to give admins / super admins control over their team and/or all users within an account, so they can ensure all team members are receiving key notifications to the places they need to receive them (and on the flip side, that there isn't too much noise from irrelevant notifications). The idea here is to give certain people within an account the permission necessary to make global changes to all users / groups of users to ensure everyone is receiving the notifications they need, without each user having to manually manage their own preferences.


Thanks for your consideration!

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Please do this!!

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Just throwing a little more gasoline on the fire here 🙂


Can we get an ETA on this feature, Hubspot?


When clients have multiple systems sending notifications (WordPress, Hubspot, Salesforce), it becomes ever more critical to control how much noise we're dumping on our teams. 


Especially with sales teams - it's not efficient to have inconsistent notifications delivered.


Asking dozens (if not hundreds) of sales reps to individually go in and update their settings introduces a significant amount of human error. Admins should be able to set a default notification process that reps can then alter if they'd like.

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Flagging this issue again, as HubSpot continues to send all users emails and just sent one this AM with 'Action required' in the subject that is causing mass confusion and additional work on our team's part.

We need a way to globally turn off these notifications asap and have super admin capabilities for all user settings. 

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+20000 on the urgency scale. Can you guys prioritize this? It starts to become a real drag on the operations side of things.

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Definitely agree this is needed within the system as despite multiple reminders from the admins, our users don't set their notification settings etc. correctly and this then leads to a lot of time spent contacting support for solutions and/or screensharing at our own end to try and rectify the issues.


Hubspot, please please add this to the urgent development list so that superadmins like myself can amend settings globally in future, as needed.



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Just jumping on this bandwagon. Working on a HubSpot/Salesforce integration and NEED to control the amount of notifications users could be bombarded with. Most of our sales team is unfamiliar with HubSpot and would be really confused by the notifications, which should come from Salesforce ONLY.

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ABSOLUTELY - it's good to give users a chance to customize to their preferences - BUT their preferences take a back seat to the needs of the business and maximizing business efficientcy!!





Please Hubspot!!!  🙂


Thank you all!!!

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Like to see this functionality, at least at a team level if nothing else so that Teams of users can be configured consistently.



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Hello everyone!


Thanks for your messages!


If you're an Enterprise customer and interested in testing out this feature, could you please email me back ASAP at


Thank you!




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Agree this is necessary! Even though it's a small task to ask our sales agents to do, a task like this would be at the bottom of their to do list and might never get done. The ability for a super admin to update notification settings for all users would make everything much easier and the admin can ensure that everyone is receiving notifications when they should be. 

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Absolutely see the value in this and additionally as a partner being able to set notifications across all the portals we are active on would save so much time.

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Agreed.  This seems like such a basic "table stakes" item.  You can use workflows to handle a lot of the notifications, but the native notifications work so much better for things like website visits, where you can NOT create a workflow based on website visits themsevles, but instead it only allows for "last page seen" or "first page seen" as workarounds which is dissapointing because the data is there, just not utilized, especially from a sales process perspective. 


Hard to belive this has only gotten 85 upvotes in a 2 year timeframe. 

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Amazing this is not yet available. Just set up a new chatflow for my website and now all HS users receive an email when a chat is submitted. Pretty annoying and unwanted.

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Agreed with above and is one of the reasons we are hesitant to turn on new functionality as unwanted notifications across the team is an impediment.

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Yes! Need this!