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Globally Manage Users Notification Preferences

[7/7/2022 Update]


Since this post has continued to receive upvotes and comments, I wanted to take a moment to update my original post to clarify this is now live for Enterprise users.

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If any HubSpot admins reading this need guidance & best practices around other operational aspects of HubSpot, feel free to reach out


Hi Team!


I understand the "profile & preferences" area within HubSpot is meant to be user-specific, meaning someone logged in to a HubSpot account as a user would be able to manage their personal preferences without alterting those of a team member.


That said - I think there is an opportunity to give admins / super admins control over their team and/or all users within an account, so they can ensure all team members are receiving key notifications to the places they need to receive them (and on the flip side, that there isn't too much noise from irrelevant notifications). The idea here is to give certain people within an account the permission necessary to make global changes to all users / groups of users to ensure everyone is receiving the notifications they need, without each user having to manually manage their own preferences.


Thanks for your consideration!

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This would be a great idea 


100% behind this!


Yes, our business has also been a great help from HubSpot chatbot features, with this complementing the whole features, that would be phenomenal!


Would be great to have this


Yes.. totally agree with the theme of this suggestion... too many preferences are set user by user... without an option for admin to globally set (takes burden off users and gives consistent roll-out for admin)/


As admin it is important to be able to make sure the correct users see the correct info (i.e permissions /sharing) and also receive the right notifcations (eg.. bombarded by system notifications unless the 'user' turns them off, if record housekeping is being done on ownership).


The notification email for record assignment could also be more informative (or option to customise 🙂 )


Also, at the moment there is not enough flexibility to control views to users to roll out from admin.

Addressing admin setttings/ configurations options would be a strong step forward to bring HubSpot, from the 'CRM' side of things close to other CRM specialists (eg Dynamics)


A few points there... but all revolve around permissions and ability to customise.


Admins need the ability to globally control which notifications all users (especially Sales users) receive.


Use Case: We have 100+ sellers and are going through a massive Company re-assignment project.


Currently, every time a Company is reassigned in SFDC, and email alert automatically goes out to the new Owner (unless they have individually adjusted their notification settings).


This creates confusion and unnecessary work for our sellers who need to be focused on selling, not cleaning out their inbox.  


Agreed. There is a need to temporary pause notifications if needed.


Would be great to add this option and add option to send to Notification or / and Slack


Our team needs this too!


I'm surprised that it is not a default functionality by now. Please implement this !


This would be so hlepful! We are constantly trying to clean and organize our contacts so individual notifications on all the assignment changes is not really an option. Exporting and reimporting everything is incredibly tedious!

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I'm kind of shocked this isn't a thing yet. Especially when we're adding large sales teams - and we need consistency across the board - it's a lot to have them all have to individually set this up. It should be something that can be done on an admin level in order for us to compete with other CRMs out there. 


We need this yesterday!

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I hope to hear from you!
Thank you!

I absolutely agree. This seems like a ridiculous oversight. My reps are currently getting double notifications out of Salesforce and HubSpot. Now I need to drop what I'm doing and put together info on how they need to log in and set these preferences themselves. Not only do I need to spend time on this as a marketing team of one, but now my reps need to do this instead of working on developing pipeline and closing deals. It's very obnoxious. 


I agree--Super Admins should have the ability to update user or team notifications. Consistency is key with managing groups of people, especially when you're trying to motivate people to accomplish specific tasks. 

HubSpot Product Team

@eleporati and @ktfritchen if you're interested to participate in our upcoming research regarding this feature, could you please reach out to me on


Thank you!



Agree - this is probably my biggest bugbear with the entire system. Trying to roll this out and keep things consitent across 4 different office for me has been an impossible task.


I think HubSpot doesn't really undertstand how your average sales person works. Getting mine all on board with HS and tracking emails was hard enough - to get them going into their settings and changing them to be consistent is pretty much impossible. An admin needs to be able to have a master control over all accounts. 


This feature would be extremely useful for us

Our marketing team has recently started using Facebook messenger in Hubspot and now i face the painful task of trying to explain to the other 20+ people who use Hubspot that they dont need to worry about the notifications and then how to go about turning off the notifications


If i was able to from the get go assign who does and does not need to receive these notifications it would make the set up process a lot more smooth


We have a team of nearly 100 users (and growing) so requesting all users fall in line and make the same changes can be a daunting task, and often leads to countless reminder emails.  Global settings would be extremely advantageous for us to make the change to the entire organization without having our members worrying about what we'd consider admin functions.