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Global setting to block email domains on ALL forms

I recently needed to update EVERY form individually to restrict certain email domains on each submission form.  It would have been a HUGE time saver if HubSpot had a global setting to allow me to simultaneously set these restrictions on all of my forms. Actually, I was kind of surprised that this feature didn't already exist. Please consider implementing this in a future release.
HUBSPOT DEVELOPMENT: Seriously, it has been almost 3 years and 64 upvotes and you STILL don't have this feature!?  How can you consider yourselves customer-centric when something as time-consuming and tedious as this feature gap is left to rot on the vine? I am beyond disappointed!

UPDATE: My company recently refreshed our website. HubSpots lack of response to this request after years resulted in us choosing an alternative CMS for our new site. The customer has spoken. Shame on you HubSpot!!
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Came to the forum to search for this idea and while I'm glad there's already an existing request, I'm kind of surprised it's been several years and there hasn't been a response yet. 


Upvoted, nonetheless!


This would be great - having issues **bleep** competiors using our content to there own advantage. 

Would save save time when adding blocked email addresses


You added forms to campaigns, but you still don't have this feature that was requested 5 years ago?! How are we supposed to maintain competitor domains on all of these campaign forms?


Please add this feature!

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I upvoted this comment close to two years ago now and am still waiting for the HubSpot team to leave a comment here that this feature is in the works. 4 pages of comments and 173 upvotes (as of March 14th) and still nothing. I understand the HubSpot dev team is focusing on the new features they can introduce in the future, but this is an every day pain point your users have! I believe fixing this existing issue surpasses creating new features. As a marketing agency, we have a lot of competitors accessing our site for access our content to repurpose - currently I have a running list of competitor domains that I must copy and paste into each form I create. It would be so helpful to make this more streamlined!


It would save us a lot of times and erros.


Yes this feature is definitely needed. 


Thank you, a very needed feature.

Is there any update from HubSpot about this?


It has been 5 years since this idea was posted, @hubspot is there any update on its status?


@hubspot We need this feature!