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Global setting to block email domains on ALL forms

I recently needed to update EVERY form individually to restrict certain email domains on each submission form.  It would have been a HUGE time saver if HubSpot had a global setting to allow me to simultaneously set these restrictions on all of my forms. Actually, I was kind of surprised that this feature didn't already exist. Please consider implementing this in a future release.
HUBSPOT DEVELOPMENT: Seriously, it has been almost 3 years and 64 upvotes and you STILL don't have this feature!?  How can you consider yourselves customer-centric when something as time-consuming and tedious as this feature gap is left to rot on the vine? I am beyond disappointed!

UPDATE: My company recently refreshed our website. HubSpots lack of response to this request after years resulted in us choosing an alternative CMS for our new site. The customer has spoken. Shame on you HubSpot!!
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Being able to block globally versus one by one would be a huge help in not having to go into every form for companies that use a TON of forms. Please look into adding this as a feature. 


This is a request since 2017... no reponse at all. Wow. How about just fixing this?
I'm spammed by submits lately, tomorrow i will be another. Do I really need to fix every form seperately, every time? 

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HubSpot - Instead of having the Email Domains to Block option at the form level, just take the functionality and move it to the Email property setting under Rules. That way we can set the blocked domains at the property level.


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Upvoted. Just got onto Hubspot last week and yes, this is also a concern for us as we have thousands of email domains we would like to block. If we could upload a list of domains to block across all our forms, that would be great. Typing them out manually is not an option for us due to the number of domains. 


Many of us have waited for years for Hubspot to respond to this in a constructive way. I suggest we all raise a support ticket about this now, and flag it to our account managers. 


The past two weeks have been a flood of spam submissions and every time I add a new domain to the list, they try it with a new one the next day. I'm spending hours updating all of our forms. Please Hubspot, fix this!!!


How is there not a global block list??? That is the most basic feature. 


I would like to request this too!! Surprised this wasnt already a feature?! We will have well over 100 forms by the time we complete our full migration and this will be so laboursom to keep updated every time a new domain needs blocking. 


Would also like to request this functionality. We use a lot of forms and it's way too cumbersome to have to update each one individually. 


When will this ship into production? crazy it's not live yet.

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I can't belive I'm upvoting this request from 2017 while listening to the Hubspot keynote address about AI 🙂 Preventing spamming via all means would be great, Hubspot add some AI to this! 


Hi, still not implemented? Everyone needs this functionality...


Absurd that this simple and obvious functionality is being ignored.


This would take one dev sprint to implement. Come on HubSpot. You are better than this.


This feature is needed. Manually updating many forms individually is painful. This idea has been "being reviewed" for over 3 years. What is the outcome of the review?


So I just spent the first hour of my day updating 35 individual forms with the new spam we received over the holiday weekend. That was fun. Come on, Hubspot, get this done!