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Global setting to block email domains on ALL forms

I recently needed to update EVERY form individually to restrict certain email domains on each submission form.  It would have been a HUGE time saver if HubSpot had a global setting to allow me to simultaneously set these restrictions on all of my forms. Actually, I was kind of surprised that this feature didn't already exist. Please consider implementing this in a future release.
HUBSPOT DEVELOPMENT: Seriously, it has been almost 3 years and 64 upvotes and you STILL don't have this feature!?  How can you consider yourselves customer-centric when something as time-consuming and tedious as this feature gap is left to rot on the vine? I am beyond disappointed!

UPDATE: My company recently refreshed our website. HubSpots lack of response to this request after years resulted in us choosing an alternative CMS for our new site. The customer has spoken. Shame on you HubSpot!!
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This would be wonderful not only to apply to all forms globally, but to prohibit them from even being uploaded or added manually. Please consider that as well. When uploading lists, human error exists, and being able to have a safety net would be wonderful!


Maybe this could be achieved with a custom token.  The feature request would be slightly different then just a global block list.  It may be more versatile to have this ability.  For example if you were able to make a token called "global_blocklist" that included the domains you wanted to include you could then insert {{global_blocklist}} into the "Email domains to block" field. 


To my knowledge you cannot currently make a list of companies (domains), maybe this ability could help ease the development of the block list.  If you could make a company (domain) list the feature of excluding them from forms could work similarely to excluding a contact list from a workflow.


Another option might be to have a field that set a block property at the company level.  Essentially you could block all form submission for a company with the ability to overide at the contact level. 


We use a custom "competitor" field for companies with a workflow that copies that field to any new contacts created with the same domain.  Additionally we have an "active" list of all contacts with the value of "yes" in the competitor field that can be excluded from any workflow.  This workaround may be helpful for others who are awaiting the blocklist feature.  


Considering this feature was requested over 2.5 years ago it would be nice to see some sort of progress.


I agree with @drbipes that it would be great to see some progress on this. For me, however, I would like to see the global ability in order to prevent the time that it takes to update all 200+ forms that we have on our site.


I totally agree. Please implement that option.


It is actually sad to see how old this comment is and it hasn't been implemented yet.

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Yes, we need to be able to do this I have struggled to manage forms centrally.

Making Spam configurations on individual forms is tedious and can miss certain settings when needed.


absolutely - we produce al lot af new contacts due to the privat e-mail adresses which makes the communication very difficult. To deny al these e-mail-domains in the general settings would help al lot.

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Absolutely need that!


I agree. This is a much needed feature when you have 50+ forms and you need to block a domain. Upvoted and I hope that this feature will be available soon.


Absolutely need that!!!

Please implement that option!!!

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I agree with this as well. Also would be nice if we had to block domains via the forms that we are able to customize the error message received when trying to submit the form. Right now it states "Please enter your business email address. This form does not accept addresses from xxx <-fill in domain (i.e. In our case there may be a competitor we are trying to block from submitting the form. Ideally it would be nice if they submit the form but the back end of the system would not send the requested material. 


@Compuware you can block the content from being sent.


Our current setup: we have a competitor field at the company level, which copies to the contact competitor field via a workflow.  This way if a contact that is a competitor is deleted any new contacts from that orginization will be marked competitors. 


Additonally we have a dymanic list of all contacts with the competitor field set to yes.  Then on a given workflow that sends content we use the "competitor" list as the workflow suppression list.  


So if you are a competing company and submit a form, the newly created contact is marked as competitor, added to the list and suppressed from completing the workflow that emails the content.


Let me know if you have any questions.


@drbipes Thats what I'm doing as well, but I think what we're all after is a global impression list so we don't have to manually add it to every workflow, email, sequence, etc.



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Yes! I agree. This would be such a time saver and ensure that we are blocking all the necessary domains across all forms.

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Hi HubSpot Community,


My name is Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager. I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful comments on this post. Your feedback helps us build better products.


I think this a great Idea! I'm happy to say we are currently reviewing this request and its feasibility. At this time I don’t have any details around timing or delivery, but all updates will be relayed on this thread.

I am changing the status of this idea to Being Reviewed as our team scopes out this work.



Thank you very much Joe.

It's a great new!


Best regards,



@hubspot, How is this not yet possible?  Hubspot you need to get your house in order.  I am CONSTANTLY running into problems due to lack of features that are FOUNDATIONAL/BASIC in other platforms.


@fellow marketers, this is when the "one forms to many landing page" school of thought to form strategy comes in handy LOL.  I inherited a site with many forms and am trying to streamline to help avoid these types of issues.


I would like to block student email addresses. Lots of people go around the blocked free email accounts by entering their alumni email address. This is something that is very costly for us and we have to manually purge those emails from our account as we are strictly B2B. 


Commenting so that I get updates on when this will become a global change! thanks.

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This gets our vote as well. With clients having a large number of forms, maintenance of these individual forms is a mess. This should be available to everyone. It's such an obvious idea and has been repeatedly asked for over the years.


This is an absolute must have. I just went through 134 forms to block our competitors domain. For this purpose of blocking competitors domain, there should be an option in Forms settings that when a new form is created the blocked domains automatically are added to the new form. A simple checkbox. Multiple people in our organization create forms. You cannot rely on everyone to remember to add them each time they create a form.