Global setting to block email domains on ALL forms

I recently needed to update EVERY form individually to restrict certain email domains on each submission form.  It would have been a HUGE time saver if HubSpot had a global setting to allow me to simultaneously set these restriction on all of my forms.Actually, I was kind of surprised that this feature didn't already exist. Please consider implementing this in a future release.

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This would be wonderful not only to apply to all forms globally, but to prohibit them from even being uploaded or added manually. Please consider that as well. When uploading lists, human error exists, and being able to have a safety net would be wonderful!

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Maybe this could be achieved with a custom token.  The feature request would be slightly different then just a global block list.  It may be more versatile to have this ability.  For example if you were able to make a token called "global_blacklist" that included the domains you wanted to include you could then insert {{global_blacklist}} into the "Email domains to block" field. 


To my knowledge you cannot currently make a list of companies (domains), maybe this ability could help ease the development of the block list.  If you could make a company (domain) list the feature of excluding them from forms could work similarely to excluding a contact list from a workflow.


Another option might be to have a field that set a block property at the company level.  Essentially you could block all form submission for a company with the ability to overide at the contact level. 


We use a custom "competitor" field for companies with a workflow that copies that field to any new contacts created with the same domain.  Additionally we have an "active" list of all contacts with the value of "yes" in the competitor field that can be excluded from any workflow.  This workaround may be helpful for others who are awaiting the blacklist feature.  


Considering this feature was requested over 2.5 years ago it would be nice to see some sort of progress.

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I agree with @drbipes that it would be great to see some progress on this. For me, however, I would like to see the global ability in order to prevent the time that it takes to update all 200+ forms that we have on our site.

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I totally agree. Please implement that option.


It is actually sad to see how old this comment is and it hasn't been implemented yet.

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Yes, we need to be able to do this I have struggled to manage forms centrally.

Making Spam configurations on individual forms is tedious and can miss certain settings when needed.

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absolutely - we produce al lot af new contacts due to the privat e-mail adresses which makes the communication very difficult. To deny al these e-mail-domains in the general settings would help al lot.

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Absolutely need that!