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Global filters for dashboards

Use case: We have a dashboard that tracks prospecting activities (e.g. conversion funnel, new leads, lead status, etc... you imagine). And let's say our account management activities are managed across three segments: 1) automotive part manufacturers, 2) manufacturing systems integrators, 3) automotive OEMs. Instead of creating 3 separate dashboards (and cloning the very same reports) with filters for each segment, I want to be able to simply swithc the account segment property as a global filter and update ALL of the reports at once.


Currently I can do this only for a couple of things e.g. teams, date range, owners, pipelines; but not other properties.

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The same to us.

We want one global dashboard containing all representative information for our sales team and then switch between a combination of

- Country/Region & Period & sales representant & team


Providing all local filter possibilities to the global dashboard filter would be much appreciated.