Global Actions Menu

A Global Actions Menu in the top nav provides a dropdown menu on the upper right had side of the main nav that allows you to quickly select from multiple options (ex. New Contact, New Company, New Task, Log a Call, New Email, New Deal) regardless of what page you're on. 


Use Case Examples:


Propect or Customer Call comes in - When a call comes in I can quickly select log a call from the Global Actions Menu and start taking notes. From there, I can associate it with a contact, company, deal, create tasks, etc.

Referral - I'm on a call with a Contact who gives me a referral. While taking notes on the current call/Contact Record, I can quickly use the Global Actions Menu to Create a New Contact and add a task to remind me to reach out to the new referred contact.


Managing Quick Requests - I'm working on a Contact record and the phone rings. It's my boss calling about another unrelated Contact... boss asks me to please send this other contact an email. I quickly use the Global Actions Menu to pop open an email, select the contact, and compose the message, add a future task (if needed) and send. When finished I'm still on original screen with the contact record I was working on before my boss called.

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