Give the option for a multi-select picklist to be formatted as a dropdown

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In old forms, multi-select picklists being synced over from Salesforce appeared as a dropdown (if they had a long list of options), which users could multi-select by using SHIFT+click. In the new forms tool, multi-select picklists are displayed as a series of check boxes, no matter how many options are given. This makes very messy, long lists, and make those fields virtually unusable in any sort of marketing form. Please either revert to formatting multi-select picklists with lots of options as a multi-select dropdown, or make the multi-select dropdown an option for displaying that type of field.

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It is a much have feature.


Let's say you work for a travel Agency : I can't imagine a list of 200 countries in  checklist.


Idem if you work on a Inbound Recruiting project  and you want to show a list of Skills in Development, Marketing, etc ...



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Agreed. We have event registration forms in which contacts would need the ability to select multiple options from a dropdown list. This is a must have feature.

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I need a checklist to embed in forms or email campaigns, so I can get back their responses and automate next steps with the contact. Up to 10 options would be nice. 

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I agree, this is a must have feature. I dont want to use multiple checkboxes for dozens of fields