Giphy integration

Hello 🙂


Is there a possibility to integrate giphy or something similar to conversations? 

We use giphs a lot while chatting with our customers and it is really not convenient to look for a file outside Hubspot and then upload it, would be great to do it directly from chat window.


Even better, if this will work also for tickets/emails 🙂 

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Giphs are kinda crucial for our easy-going and not so super-formal support - we used it often before on different chat tool and we totally miss it 😞 Using giphs fits to our support style and right now we need to upload them first and  it's not easy to search for right one without tags and so on - it takes forever.


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Please, please can we get this integration?! 

It's such a pain having to go through the manual steps, plus it never 'processes the file' properly, really frustrating. 


I have resorted to manually posting our super early morning gif now and I'm crying at my laptop every morning 😞

PLEASE sort this out!