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Getting rid of the Chrome extension- HUGE disappointment

One of the best features is being removed. The Chrome plugin saves my team so much time. Of course, you'd get rid of it. Seriously the most disappointing Hubspot news I've heard. Waiting for my sales team to freak out. 

Here's the explanation my sales rep got when it wasn't working. "Although this is a feature that the team is working to remove from all profiles, and it's possible that they are making those changes soon. I'm not sure when this option will no longer be available."

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HubSpot Product Team

Hello @kturner16 could you please confirm exactly which HubSpot Chrome extension you are referring to above?


Many thanks,


HubSpot Product Team

I can confirm the HubSpot Sales extension for Gmail has not / nor will be sunsetted. @kturner16 feel free to reach out to me here or via private message and I'd be happy to clarify any issues you are experiencing.